Your Pre-nup Questions Answered

Pre-nups are a serious business; so here’s the run-down about what you need to know

Pre-nup. The very mention of one seems to put a dampener on the whole wedding thing- what do you mean our marriage isn’t going to last forever?! Well, hopefully it will, but we’ve got to be realistic here; sometimes it just doesn’t work out. In the unfortunate event of your marriage failing, you might be glad that the subject of pre-nups reared it’s ugly head.


So let’s get to it shall we? Pre-nups: here’s what you need to know.


Psh! I can barely save £2.50 a week - do I really need a pre-nup?


So you might not be rolling in dough at the minute, a pre-nup doesn’t only cover any existing money you have, but also money that you may have in the future. Who’s to say that you mightn’t get that high-flying job? Inherit a ton of cash? or maybe even win big? A pre-nup will have you covered so that you will get to hold onto your fair share.



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Sounds sensible, so what does a pre-nup usually cover?


A pre-nup can cover whatever a couple wants it to; from division of property and assets, to whoever gets custody of the tropical fish tank. While the contents of the pre-nup are not automatically enforced in the event of a split, they will usually be upheld in court if challenged- provided the agreement was entered into in the right ways.


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Eek! Scary stuff! Do I really need to talk to my partner about this right now? It will only upset them.


Take a deep breath, we know it’s not an easy subject to broach with your partner - especially as you are both looking forward to spending your lives together, but you really should talk about it. The reason that you’re considering a pre-nup might give you a way in to the conversation- particularly if you are looking to protect inherited wealth. Why not clarify the idea as being “suggested by the family”.


Alternatively, if you are looking to protect assets that you have almost lost once already due to a relationship breakdown; they can hardly blame you for wanting to be cautious. Either way, do not forget to point out that your relationship is based on trust and love, and has nothing to do with the potential for financial gain: a pre-nup will also protect your partner, as well as yourself after all.



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Can I not just sort this out after the wedding?


The very nature of a pre-nup is that it is entered into prior to your nuptials. Having said that, it is not unheard of to agree to a post-nup. A post-nup is virtually the same as a pre-nup except that it is signed after the marriage and can be done so anytime thereafter.



pre-nup,   questions


Hmm, maybe I will just get this sorted now. How much is this going to cost?


Unfortunately there’s no hard and fast rule for this one as this will depend on the amount of property and assets you have. The more you have the more complex the agreement will get. Generally speaking solicitors fees can start at around £1000 but can vary depending on the solicitors that you choose.



pre-nup,   questions


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