Your First Wedding Anniversary in Paris

If you are looking for an idea for your wedding anniversary, Paris definitely sounds like the perfect gift for your partner.

Paris is the city of lovers and really deserves its reputation as the most romantic city of the world. It’s a city that resonates with happiness and every year welcomes couples of all ages. Not only is Paris a major international destination, but it is also quite easy to get to, from wherever you are in the world.


Book a surprise weekend away from your daily routine in one of the many luxury hotels to celebrate your first wedding anniversary in Paris .


first wedding anniversary in Paris


Here’s a list of ideas to celebrate your first year of marriage in Paris even more fun and special.


There is a beautiful bridge in Paris called Le Pont Des Arts. This sweet pedestrian bridge has a tradition. Couples bring padlocks with their names written on them and they lock them onto the railings of the bridge, after which they throw the keys into the Seine river. According to the legend, their love will last as much time as long as it takes someone to retrieve the key from the bottom of the river and unlock the padlock.


first wedding anniversary in Paris


Also, why not indulge for your anniversary dinner? In Paris there are plenty of gourmet options. How do you feel about a tasty menu based on french onion soup, quiche lorraine or boeuf bourguignone? After that, you can never say no to a delicious wine tasting experience. Enjoy the great food and wine in Paris! But if you feel like trying something different, check out “Zero de Conduite”, a fun and odd bar located in Rue de Jacob, where cocktails are served in baby bottles and the menu presents a list of drinks named after Disney characters. You’re not allowed to order your drink without drawing a piture of the cartoon character for which it’s named. A very original idea to grab a late night cocktail in a baby bottle and make it last a little longer.


The night is not over until it’s over. Everybody loves a romantic cruise on the Seine. Enjoy a fantastic boat ride down the Seine and get totally amazed to see all the wonderful activity of Paris with people and events happening along the river.


first wedding anniversary in Paris


If you feel brave enough, get lost in the Parisians streets while you are going for a quiet and solitary stroll in the style of “Mindnight in Paris”. Who knows? You might end up meeting the Fitzgeralds or Pablo Picasso and get lost in nostalgia for the past. Because –as they say- “the present is a little unsatisfying because life’s a little unsatisfying”.


Whatever you end up deciding, a trip to Paris will never leave you disappointed. Grab your passport and get the anniversary celebrations started.


first wedding anniversary in Paris


Get Weddy to plan your getaway ASAP.

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