Worst Wedding Cliches

The things you should avoid doing at your wedding.

How many times do you see articles giving you the best advice to plan your wedding reception? How many times do we talk about the top suggestions for finding the perfect wedding gown or the best locations to get married? Well I figured that since nobody ever mentions the things to avoid, I would like to introduce a few of the worst wedding cliches ever.


1. “Last chance to run away!” is definitely one of them. It makes it look like the groom doesn’t want to get married or is kinda forcing his bride to get married. It’s not like that, or at least it shouldn’t.


wedding cliches


2. The ball and chain jokes. They really bug me.


wedding cliches


3. Also, smashing cake in each other’s face is not funny. It’s gross. After spending all that money on your wedding dress, hair, makeup, why would you want to get messy like that?


wedding cliches


4. “The Chicken Dance”. I am aware that there is a standard list of songs that seem to get played at every single wedding reception, but really? The Chicken Dance? Rethink it.


wedding cliches


5. People who don’t RSVP but show up and vice-versa. Keep in mind that consistency is a very much appreciated art. It is so frustrating for the people who are throwing the wedding if their guests do not show up when they said they would and even when they do show up with a date without having signed the “plus one” card.


wedding cliches


6. Finally, guest wearing white. Well, that is actually a huge mistake, more than a cliche. You should know that the only person allowed to wear white is the bride. Still, a lot of people do not care or tend to be forgetful. They show up in white dresses or white suits and create a sort of awkward situation whenever people start frowning at them.


wedding cliches


Listing all the biggest wedding cliches would be impossible. However, try not to let yourself get caught in these details. Keep in mind that, after all, marriage is what really matters. The wedding is just one day…


wedding cliches



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