9 World Wide Wedding Quirkys

9 World Wide Wedding Quirkys

A list of the traditions and superstitions that make our weddy way

Let’s face it, traditions and superstitions are a huge part of weddings and feature in the big day in so many ways, whether we are aware of them or not. If you’d like to use some of the old and dash out the new, or believe in some other traditions from around the world, we’ve got a great list of a few favourites.


  1. In England Wednesday is traditionally considered the best day to get married, while Monday is good luck for wealth and Tuesday is considered good luck for health.


  1. The iconic tradition of a bride being carried over the threshold by her husband (cute as it may be) actually comes from the belief that the groom is protecting his bride from evil spirits that may be lurking on the ground.


  1. Nobody likes the rain but, in the Hindu faith a downpour on your wedding day is considered good luck, so let the sky fall.


  1. Throughout the Middle-East brides paint henna on their hands to protect them from the evil eye.


  1. While in the UK and the US guest throw rice over the bride and groom for good luck, Czechs favour peas for such an event.


  1. In Morocco, many brides will bathe in milk on their wedding day, this is said to purify her before the wedding.


  1. Ever wondered why it is considered bad luck for the bride and groom to see one another before their wedding ceremony? Well, the belief is that seeing one another gives each a chance to change their mind – Eeek!


  1. In Holland, following the wedding ceremony, a pine tree is planted outside the house of the newlyweds for fertility and luck.


  1. Using your married name before the wedding is believed to be bad luck as it can tempt fate, possibly resulting in the cancellation of your ceremony.
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