Words of Congratulations

How to write high-quality wedding wishes

Your best friend is getting married soon and you find yourself in that difficult position of having to say something like “Congratulations on finally getting hitched!”. However, you might not know how to say it best. You are her best friend and possibly her bridesmaid, too. That’s why you want to be original while expressing your cheer for both the bride and groom.


It’s not easy to write a high quality wedding wish. Some are too clichè, some others are just way to expected. No matter how well you know the person who’s getting married, you might always find it hard to convey your feelings without sounding trite.


How we choose to express ourselves will depend a lot on our relationship to the happy couple. Whether they are family, good friends, work colleagues or just acquaintances, will influence our choice of suitable words. It is also important to be able to choose between humor or advice. Written wishes can differ from spoken wishes, too. Written wishes need to be longer and usually more elaborated.


An examples can be this:


“Who would have thought that this day would come? It’s so lovely that it’s finally here and we can celebrate your marriage together. Congratulations on your wedding day and all the best for the future.” Simple and effective.


Or this:

“Your wedding day is a time for joy, beauty and happiness as you celebrate the love you have for each other with family and friends. Here’s to the bride and groom!” Nice and short.


Or even this one:

“You two must really know the secret to a happy life. And judging by how much you two are excited about your wedding day, I would assume that the secret is true love. Congratulations!” Whatever you choose to say or write, remember that a wedding day is one of the most important things in a couple’s life. Your friend is going to pay attention to your words like she has never done before in her entire life. Don’t miss an opportunity to congratulate her on this special occasion!


words of congratulations

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