5 Sensational Ideas for a forest theme wedding

5 Sensational Ideas for a forest theme wedding

If you go down to the woods today… Sensational ideas for a forest theme

Let’s be honest, the majority of us don’t have an endless wedding budget but that doesn’t mean we should have to settle for anything less than the wedding of our dreams. When it comes to one of the most celebrated days of your life themes are important. Now we don’t mean a superhero themed wedding or a nod to The Wizard of Oz themed wedding (unless that’s what you’re going for).


When we say “theme” we mean an idea, a unique element that both binds your wedding and makes it an extremely memorable event for your guests. Whether you’re bound by a budget or not, choosing a theme can make any day magical. And, if you’re stuck for inspiration we’ve got a great idea.


A forest theme – sounds a little out there doesn’t it? But forest weddings are some of the most imaginative and beautiful events the wedding market ever sees. It’s a simple concept and yet one that, proves to be highly effective.


So how can you make the magic happen? Well in a place with seemingly unending possibilities this is fairly simple, but we’ve got some great ideas that are certain to cause a stir.


Take advantage of your surroundings:

This should no doubt be fairly obvious; you are out in nature after all! The good thing about forest weddings is that they offer up a healthy supply of natural décor to work with. In such a setting tree accessories are a given so spend some of that wedding budget on a lightening concept that is sure to give awe-inspiring ambience. In this instance variety is a bonus so anything from hanging lanterns to adorning fairly lights is good – especially if you’re daring enough to have your wedding after sunset.


Simplified seating:

Yes, some beautiful white chairs for your guests to sit on comfortably are lovely but it’s not how nature would do it. If you want to keep it au natural go for logs with carved seats. This is both-cost effective and a delightfully, memorable little touch that’s in keeping with the forest vibe. Just be sure to add a pillow or two to each seat because let’s face it no one wants splinters in their lower region during your ceremony.


Your very own aisle:

This is where brides can really go their own way. An aisle in this situation can really be anything you want it to be. Try delicate, white stones, an aisle of flowers or just a gentle outline of coloured petals. Whichever way you choose to do it originality is the key to wedding theme success!


The Alter:

It’s the one touch that can never really be too much. A floral design or a design made of slightly arched sticks is perfect but if you really want to give it that classical edge just get married beneath a tree with beautiful lightening and your names inscribed in its trunk.


A perfect tip: Check and re-check the weather because the last thing you need is the wind and rain ruining your big day – but, what can we say? That’s nature!

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