Why Winter Weddings Are So Romantic

Why Winter Weddings Are So Romantic

What makes winter weddings so romantic?

Twinkly lights, soft (faux) fur shrugs and mulled wine. Three staples of a winter wedding that make them super romantic. Imagine walking out of your ceremony to a flurry of snow, softly falling down on the new Mr and Mrs. And because it rarely snows when we want it to, you can ask guests to throw glitter instead of confetti, which in our opinion is even better than snow.


Then there’s the wedding reception. A hog roast cooking slowly over a roaring log fire, warm spiced drinks at the ready and the band playing over in the corner. It may sound like something from one of those olden day Christmas videos, but it would be very easy to make it a reality.


And the best bit? No one would begrudge you and your new husband spending the evening snuggled together with a blanket. To keep warm, of course.

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