Why Go On A Mini-Moon?

The big day has come and gone and, to be honest, you’re a bit relieved.

All that planning, stress and denying yourself of chocolate just to fit in the dress… it’s no wonder you’re tired. You definitely need a break (and a massive bar of chocolate).


Unfortunately weddings don’t come cheap; so couples will often find themselves without the funds for a two week long Honeymoon. Perhaps you budgeted well, well done to you, but simply can’t get the time off work right now?




Well, a trendy, new form of honeymoon is taking the newlywed world by storm. A hybrid of the mini-break and honeymoon; The mini-moon. Instead of a long honeymoon, many couples are now opting for a long weekend to a week together. When you are strapped for time or cash, a few days away could be just the answer.


The mini-moon isn’t just popular with us regular folk either. The new Mr & Mrs Andy Murray are opting to take a week long mini-moon together, before Andy gets volleyed into the upcoming tennis season. They plan on taking their full honeymoon sometime in the Autumn.




Postponing your honeymoon in this way allows you to have the best of both worlds. A mini-moon will give you a few days worth of needed rest and relaxation, and by the time your honeymoon rolls around both you, and your bank balance, will have recovered enough to really make the most of it.


While you might have hoped to be jetting off to some tropical, far-away land, your mini-moon needn’t be as extravagant. Remember, you can always fly away in a couple of months! For now book yourself into the honeymoon suite of a quaint B&B and enjoy all of the spa treatments they have to offer. Or if you have your heart set on escaping the UK why not take a quick flight, or train over to Europe, after all; what could be more romantic than a few nights with your sweetie in Paris?




Remember, though you may be disappointed that you can’t have your cake and eat it right away, your mini-moon is a taste of things to come - besides, after the high of your wedding day, you’ll be glad for something to look forward to!


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