Why Are Mini-Moon's a la Mode?

After your awesome wedding day has come (and gone), it’s time for a well-deserved break.

In fact, while a wedding is the best day of most people’s lives, it is also the most stressful.


If you don't have the time, or possibly the savings, to destress with a honeymoon then mini-moons make the perfect post-wedding break! They are usually close to home, there’s no jet-lag, and they mean reduced travel time.




Whatever is the reason why you opt for a mini-moon instead of a honeymoon, here’s all you need to know about them.


Minimoons have become a trendy phenomenon that is taking the world of the newlyweds. It is a great compromise for those not wanting a delayed honeymoon and is a mini-honeymoon and lasts for a long weekend, or maybe even for just a couple of nights, but no more than five days.




If you are planning a honeymoon but don’t have the time, nor the budget, for a fortnight in the sun, you should consider a mini moon. A mini moon can be as glamorous and indulgent as a longer honeymoon, but it will also be about finding a gorgeous place to stay and settling down quickly for a few days of fun and relaxation.


A mini moon is ideal for those who need to postpone the expense of a major honeymoon trip, but can’t wait for a romantic interlude to celebrate their marriage. With a mini-moon, your holiday destination will usually be  within driving distance, meaning you will probably have more time for each other. Mini moons are easily booked. There are plenty of packages that include a chilled bottle of champagne, a bouquet of flowers or breakfast in bed. It doesn’t mean it’s less fulfilling, just because it’s not a honey moon.  It can truly be a memorable prelude to that timeless honeymoon awaiting you in the future.




Let Weddy help you to plan the perfect mini-moon.

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