Why 66% of Women Suspect an Imminent Break up before their Proposal

A recent survey has revealed some interesting truths about your hubbie's secretive behaviour

It’s the behaviour we’re all wired to notice. The sudden secretiveness, increase in stress levels,  withdrawal: a break up is looming!

Or, as is the case for many newly engaged women, these are the signs that your life is about to change– for the better!


A recent survey administered by a personalised gifting website, has found that most women whose partners behaved strangely prior to a marriage proposal misinterpreted the unusual behaviour as a sign of an imminent break up. 75% of the women noticed that their partner was behaving in a peculiar manner in the lead up to the proposal, with ‘being secretive’, ‘getting unusually emotional’ and ‘seeming stressed or distant’ among the most common telltale signs.


If you're worried about the delay in his proposal, there's no need to fret: here are 5 possible reasons for the delay.


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Another survey also revealed why 66% of women suspect an imminent break up before their proposal,  when in reality their partner was planning to ask for their hand in marriage.

The survey was carried out after the team noticed an increase in searches for romantic gifts and ‘Will you marry me?’ personalisation. They found that women found these top five characteristics to be the biggest ‘giveaways’:


1. Being secretive e.g. changing passwords,  locking devices etc. – 62%

2. Getting unusually emotional – 57%

3. Seeming stressed or distant – 54%

4. Being quiet or thoughtful – 51%

5. Being unusually argumentative – 42%

The respondents that noticed a change in their partner’s behaviour prior to the proposal were asked to disclose their thoughts on these changes at the time, to which 67% admitted that they took the behaviours as an indication that their partner was going to break up with them, while only 12% expected the proposal before it happened.

Furthermore, 8% stated that they thought their partner might have been cheating.


Promotional,,   Mike Herbert,   Survey,   Statistics,   Proposal,   Strange behaviour,   men


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Mike Herbert of noted in relation to the findings:

“It’s really lovely to see that so many proposals come as such a big surprise to women. It seems that the grooms-to-be aren’t great at hiding their emotions and handling the stress of planning a proposal, but for some reason women are often more likely to misinterpret this as a sign of upcoming doom and gloom– or even infidelity– rather than cottoning on to the fact that their other half has decided they’d like to spend the rest of their lives with them.”

He continued:

“We have seen a rise in proposal personalisation requests on a range of our gift products, so there could well be a lot of bemused ladies out there at the moment, wondering what on earth is the matter with the man in their life. Little will most of them realise, that they will actually be getting a very special present!”


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