White is Not the Only Colour, Ladies!

White is Not the Only Colour, Ladies!

Time to stop living in tradition and embrace the beauty of the Coloured Wedding Dress.

Mention brides, and most people immediately envisage a beautiful woman clutching a bouquet, in a veil and a trailing dress- both of which are pristine white. Traditionally, being dressed in white denoted the bride’s purity- which, to the ever-so-slightly oppressed Victorians, was imperative in the perfect woman. Nowadays, society has become a little less strict on this element, but the practise of being dressed in white when you walk up the aisle has remained, for most. Coloured wedding dresses were more of a vow-renewal, rather than a first-time union, but over the last few years, the option has certainly started to take off, as designers are getting more and more creative with the concept of the perfect wedding dress.



Pastels can be a fantastic way to explore the use of colour in your dress, without getting too carried away. Champagne, for example, is extremely versatile in this respect- it can be as prominent or as subtle as you like, given in its palest form it is not unlike off-white satin. Baby pink is obviously a step up from this, but really, it just furthers the Princess feel, doesn’t it?



For the slightly more adventurous woman, dark colours can be sophisticated, dramatic and absolutely stunning when combined with a woman’s colouring and, obviously, the overall theme of the wedding. Deep, luxurious red, for example, is always going to be a winner, and even something as dramatic as black, if that’s what you’re into, can look incredible:



But solid colours are not your only options, here. Combined colour wedding dresses are all levels of incredible jammed into several miles of wedding lace. Some colours, as you can see, are simply meant to be together; However, the reigning glory of the mixed wedding dress world has to be Stella de Libero’s designer vintage dresses. Never mind love, we’re getting married just so we can own one of these beautiful creatures!



Much as my happiness would be increased to post every single photo available of these dresses (hello, new wallpaper) I’ll simply have to leave you ladies to find out more for yourself about these incredible works of art. A Japanese-based label (of course, they’re responsible for most of the fun stuff) which also does fabulous dresses in traditional white, but which the site for is unfortunately in Japanese-only. Google translate is not, in this scenario, our friend, so if you aren’t familiar with the language, I’d go for the various stockists instead; or are probably your best options. The latter will also help you negotiate the Japanese site if you drop them an email!



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