We're Lusting For Ann Summers Bridal Lingerie

Ladies, what we’ve all been waiting for has finally hit the high street.

Ann Summers, our go-to store for when we’re feeling a little adventurous in the bedroom, has released a bridal range - and it’s to die for. From seductively sweet babydoll pieces to raunchier ensembles, they have it all. It’s probably about time you put those Bridget Jones pants to bed and add some spice to your wedding night with their sexy new collection - which is all in the perfect shade of ivory of course.


Ivory Bra and Knickers


This is just one of Ann Summers bridal lingerie set, and it’s certainly grabbed my attention. Why shop anywhere else where you can get this killer combo for such a small cost?


ann summers bridal lingerie




A slightly more demure option, this babydoll number is sugary sweet and seductively sexy all at the same time. After all, you don’t have to show it all to get your finance hot under the collar.


ann summers bridal lingerie


Ivory Basque


ann summers bridal lingerie


It’s your one and only wedding night, so push the boat out with this ivory basque for only £60 - a small price to pay to look a million dollars.


Ivory Robe


ann summers bridal lingerie


Every bride needs a ravishing robe on her wedding night, and this one is perfect for teasing your finance. Make them beg before you finally reveal the present underneath.


Gift Wrapped Thong


ann summers bridal lingerie


What better gift to give your finance on your wedding night than yourself - wrapped up in this ribboned thong of course. Wear with stockings and a garter for an irresistibly enticing bridal ensemble.


To see more of Ann Summers bridal lingerie, check online or take a visit to your local high street! We promise it’ll be worth it.


For help with finding the rest of your wedding ensemble contact Weddy.

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