WedPics the Amazing Wedding Photo App

Because no wedding photo should be missed- not even the embarrassing dinnertime selfies, or Grandma’s blurry thumb.

Forget finger painted tree pictures- it’s time to embrace the wonders that technology has to offer for the fully interactive, fabulous wedding experience.

Wedpics is a wonderful wedding photo app I discovered after being invited to it by a relative who’s wedding is coming up, and frankly, I’m rather impressed. It’s meant that the wedding, which I was invited to months ago, hasn’t just become forgotten amidst the everyday cacophony that is a student during exam season. For one, the date is displayed on the side of the homepage, which is exciting.


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For those who have yet to discover this wonderful new creation, Wedpics is basically an application made by Apple, free to download and use (also available on the  Google PlayStore) that will enable guests to interact with your wedding before the actual day, as well as afterwards.


There’s a handy calendar feature where you can remind everyone of all the important dates, such as the rehearsal dinner or engagement party. And, of course, the actual day, with location,  in case anyone foolishly forgets.


It also gives guests the option to browse photo albums and contribute their own, and order prints of their favourites. There are sections for you to upload pictures you take of the bachelorette party,  rehearsal, ceremony, planning stages- basically all the areas you could possibly want photos are on offer.


Also, the Memory Lane folder is a good one to use for inspiration for your speeches and photo displays for the reception. Someone is guaranteed to upload that one embarrassing photo of the three-year old you covered in beans on the kitchen floor to be compared, of course, with the photo of you as a student (on the kitchen floor, Covered in beans or some other intriguing substance)!

If you need ideas on how to announce your wedding in the 21st century, read this!


Inspiration,   Ideas,   Promotional,   Apps,   Photos,   Wedding,   Google Play,   Apple,   Itunes


Now all you have to do is invite your guests: you can do this via email or, if you’re really down with the times (read- don’t have your guests’ email addresses on your phone) SMS.


Failing that, Facebook will forever be your friend. Perhaps pre-warn them or at least check-up on the progress if you choose the latter option. Read this for more apps that can add more ever-wanted convenience to your wedding day!


Inspiration,   Ideas,   Promotional,   Apps,   Photos,   Wedding,   Google Play,   Apple,   Itunes


Consider printing out the above template (also available from Wedpics) and displaying it throughout you wedding. Basically any guest who has a Smartphone can download the app at their table and start snapping away. Far more effective than putting disposable cameras on the tables,  that’s for sure.


Have a play around with the site- it’s relatively straightforward to work your way through, and it can be a fun project for you and, well, basically everyone involved in your wedding. Any issues,  though, if you aren’t quite as tech-savvy as you’d like to be (and you’ve exhausted the usefulness of any nearby youths) can certainly be resolved with a quick look at this helpful blog.


Find out LetsGetWeddy can make your wedding day more awesome!


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