Weddy Wants – 7 Items to keep it Classic

Weddy Wants – 7 Items to keep it Classic

Take a peek at our weekly wedding favourites for a classic wedding
Weddy Wants is the section of Let’s Get Weddy that brings you some of our favourite items on the wedding market. From the shoes that will make any woman feel like Cinderella, to the wedding décor you wouldn’t want to miss. Each week we pick our favourites and help you find a weddy treat of your own. This week we help you with your planning with our wedding planning guide for 7 things to help you keep your day classic.


This week we’re feeling classic:


1. Wedding Sign,, £5.99;


This would make a cute addition to any wedding, especially a woodland wedding with it hung on a tree to guide your guests along to the ceremony. It's rustic and classic.


2. Bride and Wedding Party Embroidered Luxury Bath robe,,  £60.00;


The perfect thing for those bridal parties and for the wedding morning. After a relaxing bath it's always nice to have something cosy to change into and to remind you of how special you are going to be for your big day.


3. Terramundi Money Pot,, £24.99;


For that dreaded wedding budget. It's something every couple contends with so look at our list of 7 useful budgeting tips for the best tips that wont break the bank.


4. Interflora Vera Wang Cream Rose Bouquet,, POA;


Every bride needs her bouquet and it's something you spice up with your own unique style or arrange in accordance to your theme. This Vera Wang bouquet offers a classic and elegance to your outfit.


5. Merina Daisy By Harriet Wilde,, £450;


The bridal shoes are another decision that is completely and utterly yours as the bride. This pair add a bit of sparkle to your classic ensemble.


6. Personalised Matchbox Wedding Favour, £3.50;


Wedding favours vary these days from the sublime to the ridiculous and it's something you and your future hubby can use as a way of incorporating the theme in all kinds of quirky ways.


7. Luxurious Silk Tulle, POA


The veil. A staple in any brides outfit apart from the bouquet. with many styles available, a veil is the easiest way to keep your outfit classic.

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