How to write your own wedding vows

How to write your own wedding vows

How to write your own wedding vows!

As writing your own wedding vows becomes increasingly popular, couples are finding it harder to write something original that blows their partner away. While the love you share for one another can never be put into words, we’ve got some tips to make writing your vows a little easier.



Use your relationship as inspiration and make your vows personal and unique to you, with stories and phrases that are significant in your relationship.



Take inspiration from the work of great writers as well as other vows. This could be anyone from Shakespeare to Tennyson – anything that speaks to you.



Even though you won’t hear one another’s vows until the big day it’s fine to discuss the kind of tone you would like them to take. You don’t want to go heartfelt if he opts for humor!



Read your vows to close ones and get their opinions. It’s always nice to have another point of view.



Practice saying your vows over and over. Rehearsing is the best way to see what changes you can make so that you improve each time.

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