Wedding Venues You Would Never Have Considered!

Wedding Venues You Would Never Have Considered!

Bold wedding venues that might have slipped your mind!

Whether in a church or register’s office, there is no doubt that your wedding day feels special wherever the ceremony is held.


Though you may be tempted to opt for the standard traditional wedding venues when making plans, some of these venue ideas listed below may not have crossed your mind but may make you think twice anyway!


Let’s be honest, few brides have thought of getting married on a golf course/club, but don’t shut the book just yet; with a golf course/club you have beautifully lush green lawns which make for great photography, guaranteed privacy (so there is no chance of a wandering stranger asking for directions!) and added class with a traditional/modern twist for your wedding.


When picking wedding venues,  many couples tend to go for somewhere that shows a little of their personality or story somehow; having a wedding in your favourite Museum/art gallery could be a great memory for you and your loved one; although this might take a bit of work and you might need some extra help in the form of a wedding planner who knows how to deal with such obstacles, your completely unique wedding will all be worth it!


If you’re having an intimate wedding and don’t mind returning to your childhood roots for just one day, why not try a treehouse? Very much unconventional it’s true, but there are a few beautifully rustic tree-houses around the country that provide stunning mountain and lake views for added ambience on your wedding day!


A wedding at a Power station may not be your bag until you try it! You’d never guess that Battersea power station could be used as a wedding venue; but it not only has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer great views and photo opportunities, you can do with it what you wish and let your creative juices flow!


As far as wedding venues go, not many have thought of a tent; surprisingly, there is a lot that can be done with a tent. Not only can the interior be styled to your tastes but it can also be used formally or informally or just for having a great time in.


It’s all aboard with these nautical themed wedding venues! A ship/yacht/boat ensures that your guests are thoroughly entertained and can make for great entertainment; many offer on-board bands/musicians and ballrooms for hire so there is no chance of anyone leaving unsatisfied!


Of all the wedding venues you could pick, celebrating one of the most important days of your life in your own home or the home of a relative could make all the difference; saving you money and creating a familiar and  personal surrounding, your very own living room could add the desired sentimental touches to your day!

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