The origins and traditions of the bridal veil

The origins and traditions of the bridal veil

A historical look at the bridal veil

When picking a wedding dress, it’s common to automatically think of the bridal veil to complete the look; however I doubt anyone ever wondered where this tradition stems from. Many cultures and faiths have their own symbolic meanings for the veil and for many it not only stands as a great statement but also a symbol of happiness for the bride and her family.


The bridal veil to ward off evil spirits


Originating from the Roman era, the use of the veil was to guard vulnerable bride from any evil spirits or enchantments lingering around posing a danger to the virtuous newlywed. The bride would subsequently be hidden from such evil influences.

Many have stated that the veil originated from arranged marriages and were only lifted after the ceremony was complete apparently to stop the groom from backing out at the last minute!


Wedding Veil


The Victorian era


The more familiar veils we see today, i.e. the lengthy trains and elaborate designs, are thanks to the Victorians who used the extravagance of the veil to depict the status of the bride—so basically, the bigger the better; whoever had the most intricately designed and lengthy train was considered to be very wealthy and or of a higher class.


Wedding Veil


In many cultures, the bridal veil symbolises the humility, respect and purity the bride will be bringing to the marriage and is also a symbol of luck.


In modern times, the bridal veil is more of a wedding accessory that tops the crown of the bride’s head for a complete look. Coupled with the right hairstyle, the veil simply adds the finishing touches the beautiful bride needs!


Wedding Veil

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