6 Wedding Transport Dos and Don'ts

6 Wedding Transport Dos and Don'ts

Tips for planning your wedding transport

Wedding transport is a frequently overlooked element of your big day that is too often left until the last minute. What many people don’t realise is that the journey to and from your wedding marks an exciting journey to your new married life, and it would be a crime for you to neglect it. Whether you travel by horse-driven carriage or vintage automobile, plan your voyage with precision with our short list of wedding transport dos and don'ts.


1. Do hire professional transport


Wedding Transport


It’s your big day and you’re going to want to take your trip to married life in style. Hiring professional transport is the only way to prevent any transport disasters, and it also means you get the joy of choosing your own unique mode of transport. After all, your car may be brand spanking new, but there is no guarantee that it won’t decide to start on your special day.

2. Do look at the options


Wedding Transport


If hiring professional transport, don’t settle for the first car you see. There’s a huge variety of options out there, including the horse-driven carriage - every little girl’s dream. Pick a mode of transport that fits your wedding theme. Whether it be a classy limousine or a quirky campervan, make sure you shop around until you find ‘the one’.


3. Do consider traffic


Wedding Transport


Although you have tradition’s permission to be fashionably late, you don’t want to keep the groom waiting too long. When booking your transport to and from your wedding, make sure you consider the traffic around the area and the time that you will be travelling. Avoid getting caught up in rush hour or the school run, but if its unavoidable then allow up to half an hour of pad time to ensure that you and your guests arrive on time.

4. Don’t forget about your guests


Wedding Transport


If you’re planning a wedding out of town, don’t assume that your guests will successfully find their own way there. Some of them may not drive or may be uncomfortable travelling in unknown territory. Ease their minds and consider organising a shuttle bus to get them to and from your wedding with minimal hassle.


5. Don’t leave it until the last minute


Wedding Transport


Get organised early on and book your transport as soon as you set the magical date. Car rentals can get extremely busy around peak times of the year, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

6. Don’t neglect the details


Wedding Transport


It’s the small touches that really make a wedding special, so don’t neglect the details. Make a CD of your favourite playlist to bang out during the journey, and chat to your transport company to ensure that a bottle of bubbly is waiting for you inside. Alternatively, if you do choose to travel independently then decorate your car with banners, ribbon and flowers to let everyone know that you’re the lucky girl on the way to her new married life.

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