10 Wedding Traditions You've Never Heard About

10 Wedding Traditions You've Never Heard About

10 wedding traditions you haven’t heard about

Planning the perfect wedding is no mean feat, especially when you’re trying to narrow down the endless shopping list of traditions you want to incorporate into your special day.


You May (All) Kiss The Bride

That’s right, in Sweden it’s tradition for all the male guests to kiss the bride when the groom leaves the room, and when the bride leaves it’s the ladies turn to show the groom some affection.


Shooting the Bride…

…With a bow and arrow! Minus the arrow heads of course. This Chinese tradition involves the groom shooting his ‘arrow’ at the bride 3 times, and then breaking the arrows, ensuring the couple’s love is everlasting.



This 19th Century French tradition involves the couple’s friends and family gathering outside their house on their wedding night to make as much noise and mischief as possible! The gathering would bang together pots and pans all night to welcome the couple to married life.


Cutting the Log

What wedding is complete without a German log cutting ceremony? It’s more romantic than it sounds – the log represents the first obstacle the couple must overcome in married life, and they saw through it together symbolising their ability to work as a team from now on.


Wedding Ducks

In Korea the family of the bride will set out to find the perfect craftsmen to create a pair of wooden ducks as a wedding gift, one duck representing the bride and one duck representing the groom.


Blackening The Bride

Scotland certainly knows how to set young couples up for married life! In a tradition still practiced today the friends and family of the bride and groom will pelt the happy couple with treacle, soot, feathers and anything else they can find before they are paraded through the village while their friends make as much noise as possible!


The Money Dance

The money dance, usually attributed to Poland, is a tradition where guests pin cash to the newlyweds clothing while they whirl around the room.



Henna has been used to adorn the hands and feet of brides in India for thousands of years. It is applied in a sacred ritual before the wedding and is believed to bring blessings for the bride and groom.


Carrying on the Fire

A simple South African tradition where the family of the groom will carry a fire from the hearth of their home to the hearth of the home of the newlyweds, where it will be lit and carry on the line.


Ransom for the Bride

In Russia the groom must head over to the house of his bride where her family will ask for a ransom, once he pays in money or jewels they will offer his ‘bride’ – who will usually be someone completely different hidden behind a veil! He will then ask for his bride again and be expected to pay more and more ransom until finally the family are satisfied and he is rewarded with his love.

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