Wedding Traditions: To Ditch Or Not To Ditch?

Would you think twice about those popular wedding traditions…?

Years and years of wedding traditions have gone unquestioned; from walking down the aisle to the bouquet toss, these features are instantly synonymous with the traditional wedding.


Whether they’re costly or not, a new era of the wedding is dawning; say goodbye to the strict wedding traditions you thought you had to follow!


1. Not seeing each other before the ceremony


There’s no doubt there’s an air of mystery about holding off from seeing each other until the ‘I do’s’; but if this isn’t really your thing and you rather enjoy the idea of spending some time with your loved one before the ceremony and sharing a touching moment, then this can be just as magical as seeing your soon-to-be spouse down the aisle.



Wedding traditions


2. Father of the bride walks you down the aisle


This is a great bonding moment for a bride and her father, but for those who want something a little different, then a sibling, good friend or even yourself is just as good!



Wedding traditions


3. Wedding favours


Think practically. Most of your guests won’t want favours they can’t consume in some form (think wine or homemade treats) or another, so think about if you want to spend money on something your guests may potentially throw away or not like rather than spending it on a great overall experience.



Wedding traditions



4. Matching bridesmaid dresses


Matching bridesmaid dresses pull a theme together and make for great photos, but if you want your bridesmaids to add their own sense of style and look good while doing it, then pick a colour scheme (or not!) and let your bridesmaids get creative! Not only will your pictures also look great, your bridesmaids will also look great and feel great too. The same goes for your dress too; white is great, but why limit yourself?






5. Throwing the bouquet and the wedding garter


Of all the wedding traditions this is still a bridesmaid and bridal favourite and looks great in pictures. A recent trend includes giving the bouquet to the couple who have been married the longest as a sweet sentiment.

Many brides, also do not like the idea of their grooms removing the garter and throwing it into a crowd of men and it is honestly a matter of personal opinion and it’s perfectly okay to ditch what you don’t want.



Wedding traditions


6. The first dance


Considered to be one of the most romantic aspects of a wedding, the first dance is always highly anticipated, but for some, the first dance can be a daunting experience with many couples not wanting an intense focus of attention. If this is you, then shift the attention elsewhere; encourage guests to get on the dancefloor with a track they won’t be able to resist!



Wedding traditions


7. Traditional wedding vows


Of course if you love the idea of traditional vows then definitely keep this tradition, but if there’s a lot you want to say about your loved one and want to add a beautifully personal touch to your nuptials then your own written vows will be all the more special.



Wedding traditions

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