Wedding Ring? Is It still a thing?

What happens when you decide to break traditions?

It’s a custom for the guy to propose to his fiance with an engagement ring, which is usually a diamond based ring in a unique box. However, those couples who want something slightly more unique, can consider wedding ring alternatives. Believe it or not, there are many brides and grooms who prefer to have a tattooed ring on their finger than to wear the real ring.


wedding rings still a thing?


There is nothing wrong in breaking traditions and try something different and more fashionable.  Those who have decided to say no to the classic diamond ring are usually unconventional couples who were looking for something to symbolize their commitment and special relationship but without the look of the classic ring.


This is nothing but a personal choice and nobody can try and persuade you to stick to traditions if you feel that traditional jewelry doesn’t suit your lifestyle and personality. After all, every couple and relationship is different and unique.


wedding rings still a thing?


When making their choice, the gold wedding is usually the most common choice among men, while the solitaire diamond ring tends to be the most popular selection for a woman.


If you decide to buy a ring, be careful when considering the price. Jewelry is generally expensive but some can be unreasonably expensive. In fact, not only does the price of the ring depend on the type of metal and stones used, but it also depends on the brand you go for, especially if you opt for Tiffany’s or Pandora.


wedding ring traditions


An alternative wedding ring can also be made of unusual metals that generally cost less. But that doesn’t mean that they have to look cheap or plain. Another thing to take into consideration is the type of life you’re leading, the job you have, the daily risk you have of losing or damaging your ring while you’re performing your profession.


Ring or no ring, you should always act wisely whenever choosing the symbol of your eternal love and deepest commitment.


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