Introducing the Flushing Bride: Engagement Tip #1

Introducing the Flushing Bride: Engagement Tip #1

Meet the Flushing Bride, a bride to be sharing her top wedding tips and ideas as she plans her dream big day

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re either a bride-to-be (or even groom!) or you just love weddings! Well, me too! Who doesn’t love a wedding! A proposal can change even the greatest cynic into a crazy, wedding fanatic! Trust me, I was one! But once engaged, I completely immersed myself into the wonderful world of weddings. I literally couldn't be more immersed if I showered in confetti.


Wedding Planning Tips


So I’ve decided to share my journey to the aisle with you all, blogging as the Flushing Bride. Strange name, right? Well, as I said, I used to be a huge cynic. So much so that when my now fiancé turned up with a rose on our first date I flushed it down the toilet! Goodness knows how we got through that, let alone the next few years! But we did, and here we are. Engaged!


Wedding Planning Tips


I'll be sharing my top wedding tips and ideas as I plan my big day. Because who better to hear from than a fellow bride-to-be going through it all with you! I'll share the highs....and the lows! We’ll get through it together! Just think of me as somewhere between an agony aunt and a fairy godmother. You know, like a fairy aunt! Actually no, that's ridiculous. Let’s stick with the Flushing Bride!


I've helped many a friend with their wedding planning despite not yet being married myself! So I'm sure if you encounter a problem, I've already been through it! Likewise if you’re stuck for wedding ideas, I've got ideas-a-plenty! I’ll do all the hard work so you don’t have to. And you can focus on the fun stuff like cake tasting!


Wedding Planning Tips


So here’s my first wedding tip! It’s actually more of an engagement tip so it may be too late for most of you. If it is, tell your friends. Tell the world! What’s the tip?


Keep your engagement a secret!


Wedding Planning Tips


Not forever, of course. Just for at least a night. As soon as the news is out there’s no turning back. You’ll be bombarded with so many questions from excited friends and family.


“Have you picked a date?”

“How did he propose?”

“Where are you getting married?”


You won’t have time to enjoy the moment. Just the two of you. Take some time to process what just happened.


1.He got down on one knee!

2.You have a ring on your finger!

3.You’re going to spend the rest of your lives together!


Trust me, it’s so worth holding onto that precious moment. And then telling the world is so worth the wait!


Wedding Planning Tips


So let's do this! I'd love to hear from you! When are you getting married? How did he propose?? What theme is your wedding? What are your biggest challenges? You name it. I want to hear it! Tell me everything! Let's get this (planning) party started, as they say!


For more planning tips from the Flushing Bride visit her blog, and make sure you follow her on Twitter.

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