Wedding Myths

Things you should believe in (or not) when you get married

There are many wedding myths and superstitions when it comes to weddings. Most of them pass through generations and no one really knows where they’ve stemmed from. Some myths are supposed to bring good luck, others bad. There is no way to know whether we should believe them or not, whether they have a factual basis or not.


However, it is better to be aware. You know, never say never…


wedding myths


Superstitions about colours are the most common ones. They say that if you get married in white, you have chosen right. Married in blue, your lover is true. Married in pink, your fortune will sink.


wedding myths


Colours are not the only things to worry about,  though. Even the choice of your wedding day has something to say on your wedding. If you choose to get married on a Monday, you are looking for health. If you prefer to get married on a Tuesday, all you care about is your wealth, instead.


wedding myths


Wednesday –they say- is the best of all and Saturday, well.. forget about Saturday because you’ll have “no luck at all”. It’s a funny fact that most of the weddings actually take place on a Saturday!


wedding myths


Also, it is considered fortunate for a bride to meet a lamb, a dove, a spider or a black cat on her way to church. However, pigs and funerals are bad signs.


wedding myths


You should never drop the wedding ring, unless this happens during the ceremony. In that case, it could help shake out the devil spirits. Whoever drops the ring, though, is sad to be the first to die.


wedding myths


It is good luck for the groom not to see the dress before the wedding day.


wedding myths


And what if the bride wears pearls? Here’s the funny fact: to some, pearls represent future tears. To others, wearing pearls means that the bride will have a happy, tear-free married life.


wedding myths


Although no one can tell which one we should believe, we can agree that it is maybe better not to give too much attention to all these superstitions and myths, since we don’t want them to influence our decisions and well being as a married couple.


For more information on wedding myths have a look at The 6 Most Common Marriage Myths

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