7 Wedding Infographics To Help You Organise Your Ideas

7 Wedding Infographics To Help You Organise Your Ideas

Set your mind at ease and let these wedding infographics sort out all your wedding planning ideas!

You’re buzzing from the engagement and admiring the ring and dreaming of your new life with your loved one, forgetting that you might, at some point, have to plan a wedding. Once you start thinking about that your head might start beginning to swim with all the wedding planning ideas you have.


However there is no need to worry, though there may be a lot you need to keep track of, these wedding infographics will ensure that you have everything you need to organise your wedding.

Just engaged!

Probably on a high after getting engaged, you might not know what to do next after you’ve said yes. These quick tips will make sure you know what you’re doing and help you to place all your wedding planning ideas in a clear and concise box from the moment you slip the ring on your finger!



Average costs

Whether you choose to follow a strict guide or not, it helps to get an overall idea of what the average costs on certain things are before planning your wedding.



Wedding planning

These two guides will help you place all your wedding planning ideas together giving you a rundown of what you’ll need in the months leading up to your wedding.



Wedding beauty

Wedding prep begins as soon as possible! Of course everyone wants the best glow, the best hair and makeup and these guides will help you sort out all your beauty needs.



What to wear

Probably one of the best things about planning a wedding is shopping for wedding outfits. Both brides and grooms need style tips on how to get the perfect look and these infographics are at your service.



Who does what at the wedding?

Flower girls, maids of honour and the best man, all these people are seen as essential to the wedding ceremony but what exactly are their duties?



Wedding reception

What questions do you ask the band? How will you serve the food? How much alcohol should you serve? These questions become increasingly essential as the wedding day looms nearer. Who knew there was so much to think about?



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