Wedding Hair - Updos vs Downdos

Wedding Hair - Updos vs Downdos

Updos v downdos – how to wear your hair

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process is your wedding hair and whether to opt for an updo or a downdo. Yes, even more important than where to seat aunt Margaret.



Bigger than whether or not to serve champagne before or after the ceremony. It’s even greater than the wedding itself. Well, almost. And why we hear you ask? Because what could be worse than a bad hair day on your Big Day?



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Downdos are great if…


  • Your hair does as it’s told, even when you haven’t had a lot of sleep
  • It’s great at holding its style. Rain ain’t got nothing on you
  • You have classic boho-chic style
  • Your hair is too short to be a bother on hot days
  • You have picture-perfect hair like Cheryl Cole



Updos are great if…


  • You have hair that likes to do its own thing
  • It has a tendency to go a bit flat/frizzy/scraggly
  • You’re opting for a sleek and sophisticated affair
  • You’re getting married on a nice hot summer’s day
  • You don’t have picture-perfect hair like Cheryl Cole



To help you decide, we have picked out 20 stunning wedding hair choices for all hair types for you to have a look at and hopefully, draw some well-needed inspiration from! We have separated them into updo's and downdo's so you can compare the two. Scroll down and take a look at our 20 top picks.






1. Sleek Low Ponytail





2. Tousled Braids






3. Wavy High Ponytail





4. Oversized Topknot





5.  Chignon





6. Side Chignon





7. Romantic Low Curls





8. Ballerina Bun






9. Vintage Pompadour





10. Pin-Up Curls



wedding hair






11. Straight



wedding hair



12. Curly



wedding hair



13. Loose Waves



wedding hair



14. Headband



wedding hair



15. Half-up Half-down



wedding hair



16. One Side Pinned



wedding hair



17. Slicked Back



wedding hair



18. Boho Braids



wedding hair



19. Textured Short



wedding hair



20. Finger Waves



wedding hair



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