Wedding Games Guaranteed For A Memorable Reception

Have you given a think about how you’re going to keep your guests entertained on your wedding day?

I know that it’s your special day and it’s all about you and your groom, but the wedding reception is going to play a big part on your wedding day, and you’ll have to make an effort to make it run as smoothly as possible.


Let’s be honest! A wedding receptions can sometimes be a little boring. Therefore, I have made a little list suggesting wedding games, from table games to group activities, in order to spice things up.


How about an updated version of an old and well-known game like “I Spy”? Not only can this game be played by children, but it’s also a good idea if you decide to provide your guests with a digital camera. Ask them to capture all the moments that even professional photographers sometimes can miss. You’ll end up having a lot of fun, plus you will have extra photos from your wedding!


wedding games


Here’s another table game idea. It’s called “Booklets”. Create a question for each table and put a booklet and pens for guests to add their ideas.


Questions could be “How should we call our children?” or “How should we celebrate our first anniversary?”.


wedding games


If you’re into yard games and the weather happens to be nice, you’ll love the fact that you can get giant versions of some of your favourite games: a giant Jenga, a giant Connect Four, a giant Chess and so on…


wedding games


Don’t even get me started on drinking games! Everybody loves them, from "I Have Never" around the champagne fountain to “Flip Cup” or “Beer Pong” and so on…


wedding games


Thanks to all those games, entertainment on your wedding day will not be an option anymore. It will be the rule.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch to find your nearest games supplier!

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