2015's Hottest Trends: Wedding Food Stations

2015's Hottest Trends: Wedding Food Stations

From cocktails to canapés, wedding food stations are just one of the hot new 2015 trends making waves…

Wedding food stations are one of the most popular rising 2015 trends; newlyweds are offering their guests a uniquely interactive and fun way to get snacking. Cocktails, desserts and breakfast brunches all feature in these ‘build-your-own’ bars.


Whether you want to stuff your guests with a full on DIY buffet or are just happy with the added snacking feature, wedding food stations are a great idea to keep floating guests happy without worry.


Whatever you decide to do, these ideas for wedding food stations will get your creative juices flowing as well as your mouth watering! Get prepping a day or two earlier, arrange it on the day of your wedding and share a beautifully distinctive design with all your loved ones.


Lemonade bar

Cocktail hour


Get creative with a rustic sign that adds that special touch; if possible, create a comfortable cocktail lounge area for your guests. Have a bartender guide your guest into picking the perfect cocktail with a unique twist. Of course if cocktails aren’t your thing then juices or non-alcoholic beverages work just as well!


Cockatil hour

Delicious desserts


No wedding food stations list would be complete without mentioning the ever popular sweet treats. A well decorated dessert station goes a long way and entices your guests to make a visit to your table. Imagine it now; chocolate covered strawberries and mini cheesecakes; you can’t go wrong!


Dessert station

Alternative dessert table


Of course if many of your guests cannot have indulge in sweet desserts there are a number of alternatives you can choose; the cheeseboard and fruit stations are also popular alternatives to the dessert wedding food stations trend. If you’re daring, a more modern alternative is a DIY sushi station. Though it may be an acquired taste, it is unique and you’re bound to tickle a few taste buds with this option.


Sweets food station

Wedding brunch


Of all the wedding food stations, this is probably the most alternative, but also the most fun! If you’re a morning person and planning to have a wedding reception brunch, then a wedding brunch food station would be certain to make complete your theme. Consider having a variety of options including: veggie tarts, egg white omelettes and yogurt as a change to the typical muffins and scones though those are also great options.


Serve alcohol after food has been served and even then go light! Fruit smoothies, luxurious coffee and fruit juices will also make a delicious addition to your brunch theme.


Cheese station

Variety food station


If you are planning on serving dinner to your guests anyway, a food station is a great way of inviting your guests to snack on some delectable desserts or canapés. A DIY cookie station decorated beautifully could double as wedding favours all while feeding your guests!


Variety food station

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