Wedding Dress Ideas for the Mature Bride

Meeting your prince charming at a later stage in your life doesn’t mean sacrificing feeling as fabulous as you did in your younger days.

A mature bride should radiate elegance and sophistication, but for many older brides, finding an age-appropriate wedding dress that doesn’t make you feel like mutton dressed as lamb can be like finding a needle in a haystack - incredibly time consuming and almost impossible. So to help you out, we’ve given you a taster of our assistance service with a list of stylish wedding dress ideas. Along with some tips to help any mature bride feel like a million dollars:


Being middle-aged doesn’t mean you have to dress frumpy, but maybe you’ll want to show a little less skin than you did twenty years ago. If this sounds like you, sleeved dresses may be the answer. Alternatively, slip on a shawl over a sleeveless dress for a classy and graceful bridal look.


mature bride


Many brides will want to steal this smart and sassy pant suit combination. Perfect for those brides who are looking for comfort and style, a flattering pant suit can be a great way of flaunting a smashing figure.


If you’re looking for something less clingy and more graceful, look for a looser dress that will skim over any lumps and bumps that you may not want to show.


mature bride


Work with your assets to find a dress that makes you feel ten or even twenty years younger. Maybe you have an amazing bust that you want to show off, or perhaps you’d prefer a shorter dress to flaunt your perfect pins.


It may be that as a mature bride, you don’t want something too fancy. For an understated bridal look, opt for a simple and timeless wedding dress that lets your smile do all the talking.


mature bride


Remember, there’s no rules as to what you can or cannot wear down the aisle. Sport something fun and flirty to show how you’re only as young as you feel.


Check out more useful tips for choosing a bridal gown.

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