6 Simple Steps to decide your Wedding Date

6 Simple Steps to decide your Wedding Date

A simple step-to-step guide to setting your magical date

So it’s finally happened; you’re engaged!  After months of guiltily glancing at bridal magazines, you can now flick through them at leisure. You’ve now entered the blissful period where you can take days off work to go wedding dress shopping, where you can taste copious amounts of wedding cake - all entirely guilt-free! But before you get ahead of yourself, there’s one crucial element that needs to be set in stone before anything else can proceed, and that’s the magical wedding date. Simple, right?


Well, not exactly. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect wedding date and fortunately Weddy is here to help.


Step 1. Allow time

Amid all the excitement that your engagement will bring, it’s important that you don’t get carried away and set your date too soon. A wedding normally takes a minimum of 6 months to plan successfully and comfortably, so hold your horses a little and you’ll reduce your stress levels by at least half. It may be that you have an incredibly busy year ahead of you already, and in that case a long engagement might not be a bad idea.


Wedding Date


Step 2.  Think seasonally

Have you always fantasised about a winter wedding, complete with a fur stole and a kiss under the mistletoe? Or perhaps you’re a summer lover whose idea of the perfect wedding is at the seaside? Either way, having a vague idea of the sort of climate and theme that you want for your wedding is a good way of getting a general idea of what season to wed in. After all, a rustic woodland wedding that is set for rainy November may not be as good as you’d hoped, and a winter wonderland wedding certainly won’t work in July.


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Step 3.  Consider your budget

Wedding venues generally increase in price during peak wedding periods. June, July, August and September are normally the most popular and pricey months to wed in, so if you’re on a tight budget you may have to ditch your dream of a summer wedding and opt for a spring wedding instead.


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Step 4.  Significant dates

When setting your wedding date, it’s worth considering any significant dates that may coincide with your chosen day. The chances are, your auntie won’t be chuffed when she hears you’ve booked your wedding for the same day as her ruby anniversary. Check your guests availability, and work around them, avoiding birthdays - and weddings. Alternatively, you and your partner may have some special dates of your own that you would like to incorporate into your marriage. How romantic would it be to exchange vows on the same day that you had your very first date, or even on Valentines Day?


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 Step 5.  Work

If you or your partner work demanding jobs, it may be best to pick a period where your work will be calmer than usual. For example, if you’re a teacher, then any time during the summer would be perfect. If you’re wanting to fly somewhere exotic straight after your wedding day, then make sure you book enough time off work, giving as much notice as possible. Similarly, if you have children, make sure your wedding day doesn’t coincide with any important exams or deadlines to ensure that they are there to share your special day with you.


Wedding Date


Step 6.  Venue

It may be that you’ve had a wedding venue in mind since you were a teenager. If this is the case, book early to avoid disappointment. Be prepared to wait a while, and be incredibly flexible as many sought-after wedding venues are booked years - yes years - in advance.


Wedding Date

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