Wedding and Weight Loss

Join me in my quest to plan this wedding and fit into my dress.

I am a size 18 bride-to-be who has lost 32lbs so far since getting engaged in January this year.

I had already been losing weight steadily since August 2014, but ever since my engagement I felt a pressure that I'm sure most, if not all brides feel: to look the best I can. And being size 18, the most reasonable way to do it is by losing weight.


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This is my story of wedding and weight loss.


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The blissful adrenaline rush you get when your hubby asks your hand in marriage was the catalyst that underpinned my amazing journey. Here are some of the practical steps I took to look my very best for my day.

I had a morbidly obese BMI, that's God's honest truth and there's no use telling porkies about it. One of the reasons,  which is probably the main reason, for this gain in weight was that I was always so self-punishing and absolute in my thinking!

Just 10 calories over my 1200 calorie daily limit andI used to think, "Screw it, I have messed up anyway so I might as well have a cake and pizza!"

And by cake and pizza, I don't mean just a slice. I mean the entire 12" all for myself!


Ceri Garthwaite,   weightloss,   wedding,   tips,   health,   beauty


So I suppose take away lesson from this is: BE KIND TO YOURSELF!


A punishingly strict low calorie diet may work for some, but for others it is what feeds the vicious cycle. I was understandably undernourished and hungry, and because I was so desperate to lose this weight,  I wanted to see the results immediately.

And when I didn't,  I'd adopt the approach of a fatalist and lose hope in the plan entirely. Just a 10 calorie deviation coupled with the hunger would lead me to binge.


Early on in my blog on wedding and weight loss,  a good friend and qualified nutritionist helped me dispel some of the harmful myths surrounding the culture of dieting.

Foremost of all is that your diet should be healthy! Not just nutritionally, but emotionally as well. There is no point in building up resentment towards food by way of incarcerating yourself to an unreasonable target.


Ceri Garthwaite,   weightloss,   wedding,   tips,   health,   beauty


You should have a healthy attitude towards food and food should serve you!

And that's how I lost 2 stone.


Ceri Garthwaite,   weightloss,   wedding,   tips,   health,   beauty


Standing in the eye of the wedding storm, I started to panic and lose perspective. Instead of being patient with and kind to myself, I'd be fatalistic and yo-yo.


For more tips on how to lose weight, check this out!


I am glad that LetsGetWeddy asked me to write this post, as it's a little reminder to myself that wedding and weight loss requires a steady and consistent approach. Weight loss is never fast like weight gain isn't either. Weight loss shouldn't be hard and miserable, but should begin with a healthy attitude to and relationship with food.


So, from this day forward (little wedding reference there, teehee) I am back to my diet plan, a plan that works.

Come join me for the journey and share with me your experiences  @Cerisfatwedding!

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