6 Ways to Escape Social Media and Make your engagement personal

6 Ways to Escape Social Media and Make your engagement personal

PaperShaker provides top tips for the most perfectly personal announcement

Your significant other has just proposed and you’re the happiest girl in town and think that life really couldn’t get much better. But how do you announce your engagement to your family and friends without broadcasting a blanket message to social media or a send-to-all text?  PaperShaker, the design led luxury card company, has compiled a list of top tips to guide you through your personalised engagement.



Add a Dash of Difference

Your parents (and his) might already know that your Mr. Right was planning to propose, but traditionally the mother and father of the bride should be the first to hear about your fantastic news. But instead of the emotional phone call, sing the news in a song or even FaceTime yourselves writing ‘we’re engaged’ in the sand. Whatever you do, make it different – this is the most exciting announcement you will ever make!



Fill in your Friends

It’s time to prepare for screams of ‘OMG’ and ring admiration from your inner circle of besties. They might have been waiting for this moment for years, or totally shocked, but either way your girls will be full of delight and excited to start planning with you. Show your closest friends that you value them by sharing the news in a personal way. Organise a champagne and tea party and flash your ring as you pop the cork. Witnessing the look of happiness and joy face-to-face will be far more rewarding and enjoyable than receiving an array of emoticons in response to a WhatsApp.



Bring out the balloons

Balloons equal celebration – people put them outside their houses for parties and to announce babies being born, but why not put some on display to showcase your engagement? People will soon realise your happy news and you will watch the chocolates and flowers start to pour through the door.



Party in Style

Yes, you might be sick of drinking champagne and toasting to your happy future but what better way to announce the news to your wider social network and celebrate your engagement than to throw a party! It’s the perfect way to tell everyone how your beloved got down on one knee and just watch the shock on their faces as you flash your diamond.



Save the date

Once you’ve decided on your date, whether it’s in three months’ time or three years’ time, get it in your guests’ diaries. Wedding season is a busy affair and you don’t want to lose numbers to someone else’s event. For maximum effect, send a save the date via post and your note will shine on your guests’ mantelpieces!



The official invite

The venue is booked, the caterers and cars have been organised and the band knows what to play. Now it’s time to get the official invite in the post to cement your engagement and prepare your guests for the wedding of the year! For an occasion as special as your wedding day, invest in a stunning invitation that you (and maybe even your guests) will cherish forever.

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