6 Unusual Weddings Abroad

6 Unusual Weddings Abroad

From getting hitched on a roller coaster to marrying in a gold mine, destination wedding site chooses its six most unusual weddings worldwide

With Valentine’s Day recently, many couples will no doubt be preparing to make that ultimate commitment and get engaged. But not all will opt for traditional white weddings, as the destination wedding experts behind site  MarryAbroad know all too well.


From weddings in caves, on coasters or just plain crazy, MarryAbroad runs down its Top 6 most-unusual weddings worldwide – all available via MarryAbroad's network of planners and venues.


1. Get married in a gold mine, Nevada


Specials fans will love Eldorado Ghost Town, or Nelson’s Landing, as otherwise known – a deserted town in Nevada, USA. Here brides and grooms can marry in a real mine location, with a tour of the ghost town and its sparse, barren scenery, costing from $1, 799.00. Joni Moss-Graham of The LV Wedding Connection states: “At just one hour away from Vegas, this rustic town has an amazing array of old buildings, barns and props, like antique cars, rusted buses, gas pumps and even a crashed plane (as seen in the movie 3, 000 Miles to Graceland).


“Ceremonies can take place inside the existing gold mine or outside surrounded by antiques and desert scenery. These locations offer amazing photo opportunities with a 'built-in' vintage theme. It is truly for the eclectic, ” says Moss-Graham. Please  click here for more information.


Unusual Weddings


2. Spooky splicing in Niagara, Canada


Couples who love Halloween, can opt for a one-of-a- kind experience, as they wed alongside guest of honour Jack Skellington - character from movie “The Nightmare before Christmas”. The wedding officiant, also in a ghostly costume, pronounces the couple “Ghouly-weds”. Packages cost from $295.00 with Elope Niagara. Please  click here for more information.


Unusual Weddings


3. Say ‘I do’ in a cave, Croatia


Deep down under a hotel in Dubrovnik, marine-loving couples can join in matrimony in a cave, with a glass floor overlooking the ocean. Significantly, the name of the resort is More, which translates to 'Hotel Sea'. Weddings cost from €5, 300 with Yes I Do. Please  click here for more information.


Unusual Weddings


4. Be a bride in a balloon at Disney


Cartoon-fans can tie the knot in a hot air balloon, at Walt Disney World in Florida. The ‘Characters in Flight’ package can include a ceremony 400ft in the air, inside one of the largest helium balloons in the world, with stunning views of all four Disney parks and the surrounding area. A ceremony costs from $1, 500 with Elegant Weddings Orlando. Please  click here for more information.


Unusual Weddings


5. FC Barcelona stadium


Couples more interested in playing footie than footsie, are now able to marry in the Catalan stadium in Spain, home to soccer giants FC Barcelona. With football-related, wedding photo-opportunities galore, from goalie shots to trophy pics, this ‘back of the net’ wedding offered by Catalonia Weddings Boutique is highly popular for true Barca fans. Please  click here for more information.


Unusual Weddings


6. Nuptials on the New York New York coaster


Gazing up at the New York New York casino on the Las Vegas Strip from the street, passers-by cannot fail to notice the huge roller coaster, which zooms around the outside of the building at 67 miles per hour. Thrill-seekers can say ‘I do’ in a NYC taxi cab-themed carriage, as the coaster lifts them up 203 feet and down 144, with views of the glittering Vegas Strip. Weddings cost from $700.00 with The LV Wedding Connection. Please  click here for more information.


Unusual Weddings

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