Orpheus Island - Where Wedding dreams come true

Orpheus Island - Where Wedding dreams come true

Make wedding dreams come true in an Island just for you

Imagine if you will an island of isolated bliss, created so it seems for you and you alone. One tiny spec on this great earth devoted entirely to making you feel as though, on your wedding day, you are the only people on earth. With the beach as your untouched venue and the sea as your welcomed guest you say your vows in the way they were intended to be said – to each other. Now imagine this magical place exists and that is Orpheus Island.


Few places offer such exclusive accessibility but for those whose ideal is a simple and yet sensational wedding this is one place that will not disappoint. Orpheus Island can be describe simply as a place of idyllic isolation. Set along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef this remote destination is one setting where the wedding of your dreams is just waiting to be experienced.


Amongst powdery, white sand and the inviting Coral Sea, guests can experience all the island has to offer from a private terrace with a gently flowing infinity pool to a charming day spa focused on relaxation and rejuvenation, not that you’ll find it hard to relax.  With only 14 rooms for up to 28 guests Orpheus Island is perfect for the intimate weddings that are becoming ever more desirable.


The 11km, immaculate, turquoise coastline is part of a national park and can only be reached in the most stylish of ways, via helicopter which again adds to the islands feeling of exclusivity and privacy. Among its many charms Orpheus Island also has a number of experiences for you to enjoy straight after your wedding. From diving and snorkelling to fishing and cruises you will certainly not be short of exciting ways to relax pre and post wedding, but if you are the Island also boasts its very own spa, the Gwandalan Day spa which is always waiting to ease any wedding worries.


This sensational destination makes our venue menu because it is an utterly unique destination, perfect for intimate weddings or even those bold couples who dare to elope and, honestly there couldn’t be a more isolated and yet exciting place to do it. With palms trees and endless exploration this destination offers more than a truly unique wedding venue, it provides a once in a lifetime experience, a place where you’ll find love for the picturesque beaches, dancing sea and ever blue sky.


If you’re not incredibly enticed, than there’s not much that can entice you, just maybe the Orpheus Island website – take a peek and let wedding dreams take flight:

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