Trash The Wedding Dress: The Bridal World’s New Trend

The new trash the wedding dress trend is one many brides are beginning to consider.

What bride doesn’t spend months, maybe even years, planning what dress to wear on one of the most important days of their lives?


Most brides choose to preserve their dresses as a special memory to hold onto for years to come and possibly pass on to their children, so the idea of partaking in a trash the wedding dress ceremony may be inconceivable to many. However for those brides wanting to give it a go, pick a tree to climb, some paint to throw or grab your water wings because creativity knows no bounds when it comes to trashing your dress!


trash the wedding dress


Trash The Wedding Dress: How It Works


The bride and a wedding photographer will usually discuss the plans they have and how badly they want to ruin the dress. Although some do choose to go all out and completely trash the wedding dress either through paintballing or walking across muddy fields, the dress need not be obliterated; a series of subtle shots of the bride in a woody area or swimming pool may suffice for some.


trash the wedding dress


Many brides who embrace this trend have described the experience as completely liberating and a great way to celebrate their nuptials in a unique way.


trash the wedding dress


If this is your thing, look for inspiration all across the web and let your imagination run wild; put a twist on something you may have always wanted to do in an extravagant dress for out of this world photographs you’ll cherish forever!


trash the wedding dress


Jennifer & Cleyson have opted for a romantic take on what might be considered a rebellious trend! How would you do this trend? Let Weddy know if you'd like any help.


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