Top Tips for the Perfect Marriage Proposal

The proposal is the beginning of your marital journey, getting it right will set the tone for the rest of your life together!

Marriage proposals are becoming more and more elaborate, with flash mobs and 12-piece orchestras being enrolled to make sure it’s an unforgettable moment and a YouTube hit! Recent research from Browns Brasserie & Bar found that one of the first things 47% of people do once getting engaged is to tell friends and family, followed closely by popping open the Champagne.



marriage proposal



To make sure your proposal goes with a bang, and that there’s a romantic story to tell, Laura Richardson, Chief Host of Browns, an establishment which has over 40 years in event planning, offers some do’s and don’t's when it comes to planning the perfect marriage proposal.



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It’s All About the Two of You



marriage proposal




Firstly, there’s no right or wrong way to propose, what is important though is that it’s special and meaningful for both of you. Think back through your relationship and highlight moments that are special to you - you could even create a memory box to put the ring in. The restaurant you went to on your first date or your favourite bench at the park could also be the perfect place for you to pop the question. As the saying goes, ‘It’s the little things’ and this reigns true in comparison to any over-the-top lavish affairs.



Share the Moment



marriage proposal



It will be a personal decision as to whether you’re in a private or public place, but don’t underestimate how excited your new fiancé(e) will be to share your news with your nearest and dearest. Have a surprise party set-up in a venue close by, or if you’re abroad consider getting video messages recorded to play back. Be selective with who you tell though, your fiancé(e) will be excited to share the news too!



New Memory for a New Start



marriage proposal



Using a date that already means a lot to the both of you is symbolic of all the good times you’ve already had, but I would recommend choosing a new date to signify the beginning of a new chapter in both of your lives. Chances are that you don’t quite remember when you had your first kiss, and this way you can choose exactly the right moment without having to worry about sticking to a set schedule.



Encompass your senses



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Don’t just think about where and when your marriage proposal will take place, try to incorporate as many senses as possible. Food and drink often hold their own memories, so using them in your proposal is one way to tie everything together. Other small touches you could include are playing ‘your’ song at some point during the evening, or preparing the same meal you ate on your first date.



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Don’t leave anything to chance



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Atmosphere is such a key component to a marriage proposal. If you’re planning on proposing in a restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night, you want to be sitting on a table that still has a lively atmosphere but isn’t too close to the bar where those four special words may get drowned out. Ask to be seated away from the bar area, or in a more intimate setting. Most restaurants will try their hardest to accommodate you, especially if you let them know what a special night it will be.



Everything but the ring



marriage proposal



Plan your proposal before buying the ring. This may sound unusual, but if everything else is organised before there’s no way of your significant other half happening upon the ring in your sock drawer before you have the chance to surprise them yourself.



Capture the moment



marriage proposal



Make the moment last forever and hire a photographer or ask one of your mutual friends to take photos from a hidden location. Capturing the look on their face when you kneel down on one knee will be one you’ll want to remember.



Don’t let your nerves get the better of you



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If you’re heading out for a meal, why not propose at the start of the evening. That way you’ll have the rest of evening to celebrate and relax instead of waiting a couple of hours nervously wringing your hands and working yourself up.



Clear your mind



marriage proposal



Don’t overthink it! The more things you have to think about, the more likely you’ll be acting out of character with nerves and the more likely they’ll catch wind that something’s about to happen. Sometimes the simple plans are the best.



marriage proposal



For further hints and tips regarding celebrations throughout the year, including Baby Showers and Christmas Parties, check out Browns’ Facebook page.




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