9 Top Shopping Tips For The Plus Size Bride

Don’t struggle with dress shopping because you are not ‘sample size’!

Having struggled with my own weight issues for years, I was never a ‘sample size’ girl, more of an ‘ample size’ girl if we’re honest. Having made some healthy changes to my lifestyle I have managed to drop a size or two but the curves remain.

Sometimes dress shopping can still be an issue, so here are some tips for the plus size bride that will let you ditch the crash-diet, and enjoy dress shopping. And here are some of the top tips for picking one out!


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1. Ring Ahead


Most bridal stores will require you to book an appointment, so this isn’t a new idea. While you are on the phone be sure to tell them your size- don’t be ashamed: it’s not their place to judge you. Unfortunately a lot of small stores will only stock one, average size and if this size isn’t going to get up past your bootilicious rear-end then there’s no point in going. Check that they can help you before you end up wasting your time with them. Ring around to find a shop that will be excited to work with you.


2. Don’t Take Shit From Anyone


The salesperson’s job is to help you, not to make you feel like crying into a pint of ice cream. Don’t let someone’s bad attitude talk you into crash-dieting for your wedding. It’s not healthy and your hubby-to-be loves you as you are. If a salesperson tries to body shame you, simply leave and take your money elsewhere. There’s an awesome gown out there with your name on it and you need someone helpful, not hurtful, to help you find it.


3. Be Confident


This follows on from not taking any shit. See all those people running about around you? They are working for you, you are paying their wages by choosing to buy your dress from them. If they can’t get the dress to sit right, or do their job properly it’s on them, not you. Hold your head up high; your perfect dress will fit you, not the other way around.


4. Just Because it’s High Street Doesn’t Mean it’s not High-End


Chain wedding stores aren’t always every bride’s first choice, but there is a reason that they’ve been able to expand as they have- they are good at what they do. Unlike smaller stores they can afford to stock dresses in a range of sizes- just like your favourite high street stores. You might not choose to buy anything if getting something more “original” is the dream, but they are a good place to start when trying on different dress styles.


Ideas,   Inspiration,   Wedding Dress,   Wedding Gown,   Plus Size,   Bride,   Shopping,   Tips,   Fattie


5. Let the Salesperson be your Guide


When you find the right salesperson make sure you pick their brains. They will know all there is to know about different styles and fabrics, not only that but they will have dressed any number of different shaped brides: they’ll know what will look good on you.


6. Alterations are no Big Deal


You may have found a dress that shows you off in all the right places but if even one little thing is off it can make you feel self-conscious. Don’t settle! If you think the dress can be improved upon to suit you then ask if it can be altered. Strapless dresses not your thing? Ask if you can have a sleeve added. Feeling a bit short in a floor-length? See about having the hem taken up- anything is possible.


7. Start From Scratch


Don’t feel deflated if you can’t find anything lovely to fit off the rail. Getting a dress custom made is becoming popular, especially with the wide variety of skilled seamstresses about. Do your research and find someone local who is experienced and reasonably priced. You might need to give more notice and attend more fittings but the results will be worth it. And after it all, if you'd like to sell it look no further!


8. Don’t get Hung up on Dress Size


How many shops have you been into where you’re one size and then been a completely different size in another? It happens to all of us. It’s a well known fact that “couture” brands only size dresses for elven women with waspish waists, while more affordable brands are a tad more realistic. Don’t worry about the number on the tag, no one will know what it is unless you tell them.


9. Have a Blast!
Don’t go shopping with dread hanging over you, you are shopping for your wedding! You finally have an excuse to wear an over the top ballgown complete with lace and sparkles and frills and tulle (you know, if that’s your thing). Enjoy the experience, because (hopefully) you’re only going to do it once.


For any help at all finding and getting a discount on the perfect dress, get in touch with LetsGetWeddy!

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