Top 5 Hen Party Problems

Traditionally speaking, the Hen Do is supposedly the bride's last night of freedom before the big day.

However they are basically just an excuse to go out and let your hair down - whatever you decide to do.


Trying to organise a gaggle of girls; however, can be somewhat problematic and keeping everyone sweet is nigh on impossible. With all the planning and preparation that needs to be done, the Hen party seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth. It’s not all that surprising when you consider these 5 problems that most brides face:


1) The Mother of the Bride


While a tacky, alcohol fueled night out might be high up on the bridesmaids’ lists of good ideas, you can guarantee that the Mother of the Bride is not going to be as enthusiastic. Mum wants to support her daughter through every step of the wedding and the Hen Night should be no exception. Be sure to consider her wants and if you still insist on a night on the town then maybe take mum out for a meal, or a day at the spa.


hen party


2)  The Element of Surprise


Should the party be a surprise or should the Hen be involved in all aspects of decision making? It all depends on the personality of the woman in question. If she has a laid back attitude and enjoys an “anything goes” kind of party then surprises will be right up her street, but if she likes to be in control then maybe it’s best that you consult her before planning anything. Surprises may be nice, but a bit of a heads up can save drama in the long run.


hen party


3)  Timeframe


Extended Hen parties (and Stag dos), are fast becoming the norm. It seems that one night of drunken merriment simply isn’t enough, and some bridal parties are lucky enough to jet off for weeks at a time. Before planning an extravagant hen-holiday, consider everyone’s different budgets. Weddings are expensive enough without blowing all your money on booze beforehand.


hen party


4) Strippers or No Strippers?


Have we really become so stereotypical ladies? When one imagines a Hen Do, one can’t help but imagine strippers. While it’s true that they are a common presence at many a Hen Do, they aren’t obligatory. If a stripper is going to make the Hen or her bridesmaids uncomfortable then ditch the idea… especially if mum is invited!


hen party


5) Where To Go


With so many women to please, settling on one location can be tough. Have a look on Tripadvisor to see what other Hen Parties rate and slate; that way you can pick a part destination that will suit everyone’s needs.


hen party


Drop the stress and let Weddy plan your party.

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