Top 10 "Bizarre" Wedding Customs From Around the World

Every culture has it’s own customs; but what seems perfectly normal to some, may come across as a little odd to others.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 quirky wedding customs from all around the world - many of these customs are new to us, and some of these really do make our British traditions seem boring!


1) A Whole New Meaning To “Nature Lover”


As a nation we are fascinated with our horoscopes; however, in Indian astrology it's taken a little more seriously. If you are a girl who is unlucky enough to be born when both Saturn and Mars are under the Seventh house, you are considered cursed! These poor girls are known as Mangliks and are thought to bring an early death to whomever they marry. It is thought that one way to get around the curse is for the unfortunate girl to marry a tree and then have it chopped down. Apparently this act breaks the curse and leaves (hurhur) the girl free to marry whomever she likes with no worry.


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2) Shake Your Money-Maker!


We all know that Greek weddings are a big affair. Along with a whole host of marriage superstitions and traditions, one of our favourites involves the newly married couple’s first dance. Whilst the bride and groom do their turn on the dancefloor, guests will pin streams of money onto their clothing often leaving them covered in reams of paper. While this can be quite an expensive tradition it is thought to be a great honour for the guests- we’re sure the bride and groom don’t mind it all that much either!


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3) Wedding Favour Twist


In Puerto Rico there is a special addition to the top table: a little bride doll. She sits at the head of the table and is draped in charms and trinkets that are later handed out as gifts to all of the wedding guests to say thank you for attending.


wedding customs


4) Cry Me A River


While we are all prepared to shed more than one or two tears during a wedding, we wouldn’t contemplate crying for up to a month before the actual day! But this is exactly what the Tujia people of China do. The bride to be is expected to weep for up to an hour a day for a whole month leading up to the wedding, and as each day goes by she is joined in her tears by her mother and the rest of her female relatives. We find it difficult to believe that there could be much joy in this but apparently it is all part of the celebrations and the sound of united crying is akin to a song.


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5) Adult Supervision


In Borneo it is the custom of one tribe to constantly supervise the newlyweds to bring them good luck in their marriage. This doesn’t sound too bad on the surface of it, but it seems that not only are they not allowed to leave their own house (not even to relieve themselves), but they are also put on a restricted diet. We hope for their sakes it doesn’t go on too long- us ladies have enough of a restricted diet before the wedding!


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6) The Great Wall of China


As if the groom isn’t under enough stress: in China the poor fella is faced with a wall of bridesmaids when he comes to fetch his bride. It is customary for him to bribe his way past them with red envelopes of money and even after this is sometimes subjected to tasks and games in order to prove his love and devotion.


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7) Great Scot!


You might be surprised to find this one is quite close to home! The Scots believe, that in order to prepare a couple for married life, they should be pelted with rotten eggs and fish and be paraded through the streets. We’re not sure that it’s an accurate portrayal of what marriage is like, but it is certainly humiliating!


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8) Ditching the diets


While it might be the trend to be a slim bride this side of the world, over in Mauritania bigger is better. According to tradition having a larger wife represents a man’s wealth and his ability to provide for his family. This may sound great to those of us used to counting calories, but apparently this wacky tradition has resulted in the force-feeding of women, causing a slew of weight-related illnesses.


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9) Sore Feet


In Korea they are all about the strength of character. This is all well and good, but apparently this is proven by whipping the groom’s feet with canes and fish the night before his wedding. We’re not sure this really proves anything or is just another excuse for cruelty and pre-marital humiliation.


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10) Poo Pooing Leftovers


We have no idea how this questionable tradition came about, but it would seem that it is customary for French newlyweds to drink the leftovers from their wedding out of a toilet bowl. Eww. Due to health and safety (and common sense), this tradition is no longer followed to it’s fullest extent, though you may still find some couples being served champagne and choccies from a replica toilet. How… er… romantic?


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