To Table Plan or Not to Table Plan

To Table Plan or Not to Table Plan

Beat the table planning problems

Throughout history couples have spent hours worrying about who should sit where, who gets along with whom and whether or not to sit all the vegetarians together on the same table.


But nowadays more and more couples are opting to leave it to their guests to sit wherever their heart’s desire. But what will you go for? Here’s the top reasons for and against the free for all.


With the seating plan


  • You can spend a lot of time trying to put together the ideal scenario. Will your friend from college get along with your distant cousin? But this can also be the ideal opportunity for match making, if you’re so inclined.


  • This is your opportunity to incorporate some more of your stunning stationery with pretty place names and the table plan itself. But, if you’re looking to cut costs then this is the perfect opportunity.


  • You get to decide who sits closest to the happy couple near the top table. Do you want to risk your best friends getting stuck at the back?


Without the seating plan


  • This is one thing you won’t have to worry about planning, meaning you can focus on other important aspects of your wedding. Or simply to enjoy a nice evening with a glass of wine. Aah.


  • Guests get to sit with who they want, cutting the risk of awkward conversations with people they’ve just met. But weddings can also be a great opportunity to make new friends and get involved with the other side (the groom’s side that is).


  • But it can also mean for those that come in late, they have to split up from their friends, each sitting wherever there’s a spare space.


Hopefully your friends are kind enough though to make allowances for the unfortunate guest that happens to be sat on their own.


Our advice? Combine the two. Reserve some spaces near the top able for your nearest and dearest and let everybody else choose their own seats.

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