3 Tips To Perfect Your Wedding Budget

One of the first things I did when I started wedding planning was to sort out my wedding budget.

Coming up with your wedding budget is the easy part. Sticking to it is so much harder! So I’ve come up with a few wedding money saving ideas to help those that are struggling, like me!


1) Draft In Your Friends And Family


wedding budget


We’ve all got friends and family with different skills and talents, so why not make use of these on your wedding day. Perhaps you have an auntie who’s a fabulous cake maker, or a friend who’s a florist. You might even have a friend in a band or a cousin who’s a budding photographer. Most friends and family would love to be a special part of your day.


I’m lucky to have a cousin who is a fabulous hairdresser, so she’ll be beautifying us on the morning of the wedding! And I have a lovely family friend who has spent her life teaching others to make cakes so she is more than happy to make our wedding cake.


2) Make Your Own Decorations


wedding budget


Now I’m not crafty in the slightest. You can ask any of my friends! Any DIY project ends up looking like a school project. But even so, I’m determined to make my own centrepieces!


If I can do it, anyone can, trust me! And not only is this a fabulous wedding money saving idea, but you will have the joy of seeing your creations on your wedding day and knowing that they came from you.


If I can offer you any advice with this, start planning, practising and preparing early. Time creeps up on you and it’s worth trialling some things out before it gets too late.


3) Have a picnic


wedding budget


Catering is often the most expensive part of a wedding, and so avoiding this huge cost is great if you can. I went to a fabulous Summer wedding where the couple had decided to have a picnic instead of a formal meal.


It was perfect, and had so many benefits! The picnic hampers doubled up as the centrepieces on the table which looked rustic and fabulous! And it got all the guests talking as people handed around the pate and cheeses!


Any of those ideas tickle your fancy? I’ve got lots more where they came from so watch this space for more wedding money saving ideas!


For more great wedding tips from the  Flushing Bride visit her blog, and feel free to ask any questions @FlushingB.


For  help budgeting your wedding ask Weddy!

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