Tips to Guarantee a Glorious Wedding Cake

Like it or not, there are very few weddings that don't involve a cake of some description.

The British tradition can be traced as far back as medieval times, where cake made of wheat (so... bread?) was thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility.


However it’s true; the best thing about a wedding is that it can combine a few of life’s most sacred and wonderful things- getting married to the love of your life, and enjoying the most exquisite sponge-cake you’ll ever have after devouring the food station.




Now it’s probably a little over-dramatic to say that the cake can make or break you wedding. Obviously, for some, the cake is always going to be just a cake, but to others ‘The Cake" is right up there on the priority shelf with ‘The Dress’ and ‘The Venue". You’ll probably have a relatively good idea of where you are in this but ladies, if you are doubting, I’d invest some time into scouting a good bakery and designing something you’d feel happy to cut into and be photographed.




It’s an inevitable punch into your budget (three-tiers tends to start at the region of £200, increasing the more intricate the work) but, considering the possibilities available to our inner foodies, the money can be well worth it! After all, the wedding cake is an integral part of the décor for the reception and dinner room. It symbolises the union and, depending on your level of creativity or wilfulness, can turn an already unique day into one brimming with intimacy and personality.




Think outside the box; wedding cakes don’t have to be traditional to work for you, so get creative with the outline; it could be funny, bizarre or just another symbol of how much you guys love one another.


The most important thing you need to ensure when organising your cake is that the reputation of your bakery is strong, as is the reputation of the decorator. They need to be highly skilled and efficient at their job, even on unique projects (tip: seeing recent or current first-hand will give you a good indication of abilities). You don’t want to be waiting for the fantastic cake that the decorator has spent a week perfecting, when all that will result in is stale sponge and disappointment for you. Don't forget to consider that you will need help with transport, display, and a company that will be on-hand during the big day to complete any last-minute touch-ups.


Don’t think you’re limited to three tiers of fruit and Victoria sponge, though! Prefer your cake small and individually wrapped? Retain the tiered arrangement but opt for cupcakes instead. You can even go the whole way and personalise the top tier with the names of your family and closest friends.



If cake just isn’t your thing, consider doughnuts as a fun alternative, or maybe even something savoury, like this wonderful “cheese” cake, or a light-hearted Shortcrust Pie Cake assemble. Nobody will forget your wedding in a hurry, that’s for sure!








If you want to keep your design simple, that’s fine, especially if it would befit your theme to go understated and sophisticated. However, if you want to get creative and really embrace the possibilities, go with a relatively good idea of what you want and have a few discussions with the experts, they’ll have the practical experience to tell you if your five-tonne flower fantasy is going to collapse, and are likely to be able to offer alternatives you hadn’t thought about.


There are also numerous ways to customize your cake without needing to invent an entirely new design. Something as simple as choosing the ribbons yourself, or having fresh flowers, or going online (eBay is eternally useful) and picking out a display stand that you really like, rather than being content with the company’s. Put some thought into your cake topper as well, don’t just go with the generic ones in the shop. Try custom-made (again, another expenditure but arguably worth it) or scouting equally fun ones that already exist.


It's a lot of information to absorb! But we're here to help you find your perfect cake.

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