Tips on Rocking Rosy Red Lips

How to wear red lips on your wedding day without looking like a clown.

There is something ever so luscious and just a tad naughty about red lipstick. It’s a bold look often seen on the catwalks, and one that most of us will have attempted at our dressing tables… before promptly rubbing it off and opting for a clear gloss instead. So what’re the makeup artists’ secrets to being able to pull of this striking look? Read on to find out how to rock the red lip.


Pick a shade that suits your skin tone.


We all know that referring to red lipsticks as simply “red” is not doing the vast choice of shades any justice. Each shade of red is going to look different on different people, and whether or not it suits not only depends on skin tone but also the choice of makeup that you will wear with the red lip.


While you might have confidently worn a ruby red lipstick yesterday, you might find that today it washes out your entire face- and for not reason that you can actually put your finger on. Unfortunately the only way to test if a colour is right for you is to try it on your lips- and this is generally frowned upon in most cosmetics shops.


There’s no secret to identifying your perfect shade; it’s just a case of trial and error. Most makeup artists would agree; however, that deeper, brighter shades are often too much for very pale skin, while muted colours are not eye catching enough on darker skin. When it comes to colour, on the other hand, it’s mostly about personal preference.



red lipstick



To gloss or not to gloss? That is the question.


While a glossy lip does give an extra pop, matt is probably the way to go for your wedding day. Just think of the amount of kissing you’ll be doing; you don’t want to get your lips stuck to people! Whether you do pick a gloss or a matt, it is worth thinking about using a lip stain as a base. Lip stains are great for longevity and while your top layer of lippy might get left on your new hubby the lip stain will ensure that your lips stay looking their best.



red lipstick


Properly Prepare.


You’ve been planning a wedding for the last goodness-knows how long, so you’ll be familiar with the idea of properly preparing. You should prepare your lips with as much care as you have the rest of your face and body. A lip scrub will remove dry and dead skin and following it up with a moisturising lip balm will ensure that you have lusciously soft lips in reddy-ness (hurhur) for your lippy.


On the day itself, apply a primer to the lip which will give the lippy an even base to cling to giving you a brighter colour. Next, use an angled brush to apply the colour. Line the lips first before filling them in. Blot excess lippy off and reapply as needed to give an even and long lasting finish.



red lipstick



Complete the look appropriately.


While the idea that you should show “boobs or legs, but never both” might be a wise one to live by, the idea that you should focus your makeup either on “lips or eyes, but never both” doesn’t always work. On a formal occasion like your wedding day, a bold red lip might require a dramatic smokey eye to complete the look. If you are not partial to dark eyeshadow then consider applying some bold eyeliner or false eyelashes to balance out your face. Do avoid using too much blusher when wearing red lipstick, otherwise you might look better placed at a circus rather than at a wedding.



red lipstick



Give it a quick touch up!


As gorgeous as a red lip looks, it does need more attention than a nude lip. Make sure one of your bridesmaids has lippy to hand so that you can keep your red topped up for all of those gorgeous wedding photos.


To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth (we’ve all been there!), open your mouth a little and place your index finger on your tongue. Lightly close your lips around your finger before pulling it out of your mouth slowly. This should remove any unsightly lipstick mistakes.



red lipstick



Are you looking for more tips and advice on make-up then why not take a look at our make-up specialists.

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