6 Tips for Including Children in Your Wedding

6 ways to make sure that your kids aren't left out!

Years ago it was not unheard of for betrothed couples to have spent no time alone before their wedding day, let alone anything else. However, with later marriages now the norm it is unsurprising that many couples take the names of “Mum” and “Dad” before taking each other's.

If this applies to you, then of course you should want your children to be a part of your big day- talk it through with them, see how involved they would like to be and find something for them that is age appropriate.


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Here are some of my favourite ideas for including children in your wedding:


1. Have them as your Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl- You don't need to modernise your wedding just because your a modern couple, this choice is a timeless classic and would please the Grandparents no end!


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2. Make them your Groomsmen and/or Bridesmaids- If your children are over the age of ten, then option one is just not going to fly. There's no hard and fast rule that says your wedding party has to be made up of adults. If they are younger, they can still participate in the Hen/Stag dos but remember to keep it PG until they are sent home to bed!


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3. Write them into your vows- As much as a wedding is about uniting two people, if you already have children it is also about uniting a family. Giving your children a mention in your vows is a sure way to make them feel loved and included. Engraving a gift for them with the vows would be a nice idea that they could treasure into adulthood.


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4. Ask them to walk you down the aisle- If tradition isn't your thing then this is one that you might like to consider, especially if your children are older. I'm sure that Dad (or Mum), won't mind relinquishing the role to their grandchildren.

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5. Ask them to perform- This wont be every child's cup of tea, but if you have a star in-the-making why not get them to sing a song or recite a poem at some point in the ceremony or during the reception?


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6. Make your reception child friendly- After your ceremony, while you are mingling with your guests, appoint a responsible, sober, adult to keep an eye on the children - it's only fair that you should let lose and help yourself to that champagne after all! It might be an idea to let older children invite a friend each to keep them company if there aren't going to be any other children at the wedding, while you can provide colouring books and toys for the younger children.


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