Tips For Beautiful Bridal Lingerie

One of the biggest unspoken issues of the bridal world is, undeniably, the choice of bridal lingerie.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned veteran of the lingerie world, who owns several overflowing boxes of questionable lacy things, or a complete beginner. When it comes to selecting your bridal underwear, it’s well worth doing your research, so here are a few favourites to consider.


Ann Summers


Obvious choice, well-known brand. Most ladies have at least heard of the franchise, many own at least something from here (hello, 50 Shades of Grey section) so it’s a natural starting point, and they have a great bridal selection too. This ranges from sweet babydoll for the coy newlywed, to the white suspenders for the foxy wife. Not to mention the variety of things available for the…ah… adventures that a couple might wish to undertake together during their honeymoon.


bridal lingerie


Financially, Ann Summers should probably be considered middle-band. Yes, you might find yourself forking out around £100 for a complete set but, arguably, you get decent quality. Not comfort, oh no, but to be perfectly frank, the only kind of underwear that delivers, or even prioritizes ’comfort’ will be of the cotton, elasticated variety. Don’t assume this means you need to put yourself through hell, but don’t be surprised if something, somewhere, begs to be readjusted every hour or so. You look damn good.


Moreover, the AS mailing list can be very beneficial at this point, as they usually have a plethora of flash sales, promotions and discount codes that can be utilised by the eagle-eyed bride. With stores across the UK it’s probably the easiest place to go and find something. Most attendants are qualified to give free bra fittings as well, so you might finally work out whether you’re a 36B or a 32C after all. Get stuck in, and see what you find.


Shell Belle Couture


Perfect for the slightly vintage-inclined bride, SBC feature a lot of antique-inspired pretty things in their bridal section of their website. Lots of filigreed lace and off-white wonderfulness.


bridal lingerie


The site has a few sections- “Love Story”, for the general bridal wear, “Be Inspired” which features the latest designer pieces, and “Seduce Me” which is, well, a little more vintage vixen. There’s also a rather amusing option to send your future spouse a little email encouragement, and the option for you to include your measurements. The perfect way to ensure you get a pleasant surprise, and can be safe in the knowledge he isn’t getting something from the Sainsbury’s clothing department.


This is a little more expensive; you’d be looking at perhaps £65 for briefs, £90 for bras. And no visible selection of belts or garters, if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m afraid.


Agent Provocateur


True connoisseurs of the lingerie world will recognise the name. For many (read: me) owning a set of these beauties is firmly on the 'Life Bucket List'. The reason for this level of extreme wishful thinking is the rather extreme price tag. An AP corset, for example, will set you back £350-£500, with a similiar price range to be expected for a bra, brief and suspender belt set.


bridal lingerie


For some, AP are just too expensive to be considered- and whilst these are probably the rational brides who are functional adults in society, there remains a select few of us that would refuse to walk up the aisle unless she was hiding a set of these beauties underneath her dress. So, if this is the case, put your foot down, start saving and convince yourself that you can probably hand-draw your own wedding invitations and/or eat SuperNoodles for a few months to save costs.


A Few Provocative Pointers


There are hundreds of bridal lingerie sites out there, that cover the whole financial spectrum and will cater for most tastes in regards to whether you like lace, or glitter, or black dungeon leather- it’s all out there, believe me. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind irrespective of personal taste, which are indispensable when choosing your bridal lingerie;


Buy underwear from underwear shops, but extras from elsewhere. Suspender stockings, garters and so on can be bought from elsewhere for much cheaper, and are one thing you can skrimp on. If anything, the quality of £15 tights from Ann Summers, for example, is actually lower than getting them from Boots at £10. Be careful when putting these on, as well; they’re super thin and will rip if you so much as poke them with your nails. Gently roll, don’t hoik them up. And buy replacement pairs, you will probably get through a few over the course of the day. But hey, your man won’t be able to resist you in them!


bridal lingerie


Buy briefs one, or two, sizes bigger. Whilst I’m sure this might send you into a crying fit of despair, and your maid of honour may find you in the foetal position on the floor of the fitting room, bite the bullet and buy the briefs in at least one size bigger than you usually would. Not only are the underwear shop notoriously incapable of getting sizing right, but most styles are usually quite low-rising, which can look really odd on some body shapes, especially the fuller figure. Slightly more room allows you to pull them up a bit more, and look a little more reasonable.


Choose a style that compliments your shape. Trust me, your husband is going to think you look glorious in whatever you choose, but there will be certain styles that will make you look (and feel) even more of a sex goddess than others. Longline bras are great for the narrow-waisted, narrow-hipped lady, not so great if you’re pear-shaped as it tends to draw attention to the wider pelvis. Half-cup styles are best for smaller chests whilst full-cupped will help reign in the larger lady.


bridal lingerie


Brief/Bra combinations are great and minimal, and you can choose to add stocking to these as most good underwear comes with hooks for clips. Basques and Corsets are great for a fuller figure. Suspender belts accentuate the waist, and hide unflattering love handles; have a look around at these, because some sit just above the hips, others go up higher, etcetera. Trying on is always a good option.


More is More. This is a general rule, and you might happen to know that your man hates anything superfluous and would rather see you in plain white and nothing else. But, generally, opt for fuller styles than racy g-strings. This is probably the only day in your life you get to wear the underwear for assuredly non-functional purposes. If you want to wear fabulously frilly knickers, you go for it.



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