The Wedding Night

Things every bride should know before their first wedding night.

Most of you reading this may be past your first wedding night, but I am sure many others are planning for their first wedding night and are building up lots of expectations on how it should or should not be like.


After a long day, you’re finally married, you are proudly wearing a beautiful ring on your finger and you can’t wait for your marriage to start. You simply can’t wait, I know.


Well, take it slow. The running around, the planning, the actual wedding day have taken a toll on you and your beloved, both mentally and physically. Your plan might entail dinner, massage, lots of cuddles, plenty of rest, but things do not always go according to the plan and this is something every bride should know by now. That’s why I am telling you, take it slow.


Your first night together might turn into another occasion to learn something more about your groom and yourself. Maybe you think you already know everything about each other and of course you want your first night together to be memorable and intimate. However, you should just accept the fact that sex within marriage is completely different from sex outside of marriage. Sometimes super high expectations can set you up for serious disappointment. Be prepared to wear a learner’s hat and be a student of your spouse. And not just on this intimate occasion, but for the rest of your life.


wedding night


Making love can be awkward and messy and even hilarious. Doing it for the first time with a new person can be twice as awkward and definitely not like in the movies. Your lingerie could snap, you might fall off the bed, you might even feel slightly embarassed. All is fair on your first wedding night. There’s no other place where wives hope their husbands will read their minds the most like the marriage bed. This is a common mistakes among us women. However, the truth is that you have to learn to communicate and engage with your partner. Don’t just expect he will understand what you want. Tell him.


Also, you can’t just lie there and do nothing. Don’t fall for the lie “He’s the man. He has to do everything” because we live in the XX century and women are entitled to take the initiative as much as men nowadays.  I know that the biggest sexual organ in a woman is her brain, but no matter how many thoughts you might have, just try and focus on that very special moment.


Before it fades away.


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