10 Top Money Saving Tips for your wedding

10 Top Money Saving Tips for your wedding

Budgeting tips from the man who spearheaded the discount era

Whilst weddings are a huge blow to a couple’s bank balance, high costs can often be avoided with clever budgeting tips and careful planning. Some may take a bit more effort, but ultimately, the positive effect it can have on your budget is worth it. Nick Swan, the founder of, offers his top money saving tips for those planning their wedding:


  1. Always Compare: Weddings are expensive. As soon as suppliers here you mention the word ‘wedding’, they’ll often bump up their costs. It is imperative, however, to always remember that someone will do it cheaper. Get quotes, and don’t jump in with the first one you get. Take the quote elsewhere and speak to others and, 9 times out of 10, you’ll be able to find a similar or the same products/services elsewhere for less.
  2. Haggle: For many people, the concept of haggling is nerve-wracking, but take the plunge and the benefits are truly rewarding. Suppliers often price products and services up knowing that customers will try to get a slight discount, which means that there is always scope to haggle down the price to make it fit within your budget.
  3. Stay Seasonal:When buying wedding decorations such as flowers, make sure you stay seasonal. The costs will be a lot lower than having to import out of season flowers, which can cost a great deal more.
  4. Get Creative:It’s your wedding, so why not put a real personal touch on it and make items yourself? Not only can you save a great deal of money by doing a bit of wedding DIY, but it also means that the day will be extra special, with that ‘handmade’ feel.
  5. Cut the Guest list:It’s your special day, so it’s understandable that you may want as many people as possible there to enjoy it with you. However, all this does is lead to excessive costs. Cut the guest list to those that are truly important to you and you’ll see your bill fall dramatically.
  6. Do your own catering:A real growing trend in Britain is to supply your own catering for the wedding reception. It’s a great way to cut the cost of having to pay for a caterer, albeit a bit more work to take on. Family members and friends are always willing to chip in where they can, so getting a few helping hands for the catering could be ideal! Make sure your venue allows this however, as most have a list of preferred suppliers that you have to use.
  7. Evening Weddings: Although many favour all-day wedding celebrations ,  opting for evening celebrations are a great way to cut the cost of your day. Doing so can cut out the expense of the wedding breakfast and other nibbles for your guests, leaving just the evening meal or buffet to pay for. Just have your ceremony a little later in the day so that you only have to feed guests once.
  8. Loyalty Discounts: If you have friends that have been married recently, then take advantage of it. Get in contact with the suppliers and business that they used and you can quite often get a referral discount.
  9. Honeymoon Gifts: Ask all wedding guests to contribute money towards your honeymoon fund rather than giving you traditional gifts. Not only can this cut out all the unwanted gifts, but takes the expense of the honeymoon off your mind.
  10. Go Vintage:You can still look spectacular on your big day, minus the excessive costs, by going vintage. From dresses and suits to decorations, there’s a huge deal of vintage items on offer to cut the price of your big day.

Nick Swan, founder of, made the following comment:


“The wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to come at an outrageous price! Too many couples are getting themselves into huge debt in order to impress their friends and loved ones, but are forgetting about the true meaning of marriage.”

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