The Ultimate Wedding Survival Kit

Our Ultimate Wedding Guide To Your Essential, On-The-Day Must Haves.

As a self-confessed, perpetual worrier I cannot enjoy myself unless I am prepared for anything. When on a day out I am the go-to-girl for any emergency. Caught without sunblock- I've got you covered; cut your finger- have a plaster; dubious dirt mark- here's a baby wipe. You get the idea.


ultimate wedding survival kit
Of course I can't be at everyone's wedding, so here's a list to the ultimate wedding survival kit to equip your maid of honour so she can be your very own go-to-girl.


1.  Aspirin or other painkiller- there's nothing worse than getting a headache on your big day, especially when being cranky is not an option!


2. Bottle of water- it may be a little bit boring, but it's important to stay hydrated that with all the alcohol you'll undoubtedly by drinking.


3. Mini First Aid kit, Including plasters and antiseptic- accidents happen, especially when alcohol is flowing.


4. Baby powder- crowded rooms, a heavy dress and nerves can all cause you to get a sweat on; a good puff of baby powder between legs and under arms will stop unsightly moisture and chafing.


5.  Baby wipes and tissues- for make-up mishaps caused by all those happy tears.


6. Make-up and mirror- for touch-ups.


7.  Sunscreen- Chances are, if you're lucky with the weather, your photos will be outdoors so make sure to protect your flawless skin.


8.  Hair brush, Hairspray and pins- just in case you like to indulge in a bit of head-banging on your big day... or maybe it's just windy.


9.  Breath mints- to make sure your first kiss is minty fresh.


10.  Sewing kit- wardrobe malfunctions happen, though hopefully not for you but keep one of these on hand just in case.


11.  Clear nail varnish- for thwarting ladders in stockings.


12.  Extra stockings- for when the varnish just isn't going to cut it.


13.  Snack bars- preferably something not too sticky. Weddings can be quite drawn with travel between venues and photo-shoots; a well timed snack bar will stop the hanger (hungry/anger) setting in.


14.  Tampons- for if mother nature's timing is just all off.


15.  Eye drops- particularly essential if you intend on wearing contacts, and if that's the case I also recommend packing spare specs.


16.  Mobile phone and charger- while everyone who's anyone will be at your wedding a mobile is essential for emergencies.


17.  Cash- sometimes you just need some spare change; even if it is just for the vending machine.


18.  White chalk- an odd one this, but it's pretty good for covering up any smudges on your dress- who knew? No good if you've opted for a coloured dress though.


19.  Pen and paper- handy for little reminders.


20.  Hip flask- preferably filled with your favourite tipple; because sometimes alcohol is the only answer for jitters.


It's a good idea to prepare your kit ahead of time so you aren't worrying about it come the big day. Stow everything safely in a pretty tote bag and hand it to your maid of honour to stow it somewhere safe and accessible. Hopefully you'll get hitched without a hitch but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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