The Ultimate Inspiration: Wedding Adverts

Summer is approaching and given that June and July are the most popular months for weddings, we will soon see an increasing number of wedding ads.

You may not realise it, but there are so many and for a lot of different categories, such as jewellery, flowers, cakes, dresses and venues. Wedding ads are usually very traditional. They mostly feature symbols like rings or flowers. Fonts are particularly interesting as they often resemble invitation calligraphy,  and they have to be romantic. If they are not romantic, they will be unlikely to sell.


wedding adverts


Wedding ads almost always focus on the bride. She is the centre of attention, together with her dream of having a big romantic ceremony. When it comes to ads for wedding dresses, most ads look traditional and have modern twists. It is very important for advertising agencies to focus on something that brides will be likely to appreciate. In fact, brides will visit stores that feature dresses in a style that they like.


wedding adverts


The most enjoyable thing about wedding adverts is that they really make you dream about weddings. It doesn’t really matter if you are not a wedding person or if you are not even engaged yet. Those adverts are able to make you fantasize about big wedding ceremonies, lush wedding gowns and amazing, breath-taking venues.


wedding adverts


Advertising has always been the core of business but also the main source of dreams. We usually dream about something we have previously seen, we start craving it and if we find it somewhere, it is likely that we’re going to buy it.


wedding adverts


So keep dreaming, my lovely brides. The wedding seasons is fast approaching. It’s time to bring on the shopping…


Use this tool to bring your favourite wedding advert to life!

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