The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Wedding Photos

Knowing which photography Style you want will help you choose the right photographer

Gone are the days when owning a camera and simply pointing and clicking made you a suitable wedding photographer. These days Wedding photography is big business and it’s become an art-form in it’s own right. It's all well and good relying on your photographer to suggest the best shots, but with the DIY wedding theme growing in popularity, it's also best to have a good idea of the kind of photos you would like too- after all, you will be looking back at these photo's for years to come.

Our ultimate guide to perfect wedding photos will help ensure that you have the most outstanding pictures to remember your special day!

wedding photography tips

In order to get the best photo's from your big day, it's handy to know your one thing; what finished look you are after. In order to help with these decisions, here's a guide to a few typical photography styles;


wedding photography tips

This particular style is not new by any means, though it is only just beginning to make a name for itself in terms of wedding photography. The photographer takes a natural approach, capturing events of the day as they happen. There is little direction from the photographer when it comes to this sort of photography which makes for a much more unobtrusive set up and also can help create a more romantic feel to your photos as this method is more of a spontaneous one. Photographs are natural and of the moment and so capture the heightened emotions of the day.

Some fun tips for best achieving this unpolished look include;

Getting jokey and personal with your wedding group


We've all hear the popular lines like "say cheese" or "pretend you like each other" but this technique is the best way to help your photographer get the best photo opportunities from you. A group photo of everyone laughing and sending each other up is sometimes better than one that is too posed.

Getting ready with your bridesmaids/best man

pre wedding photo

The time before the wedding is a nerve- wracking time and the whole room will be buzzing with activity and some laughs too- the best type of material to cater for the natural shot. Last minute hair touches, putting on your shoes and even that special moment of your bridesmaids seeing your dress for the first time can make unforgettable photo moments.

Get Silly

silly wedding photos

Don't be afraid to let you and your guests' quirky personalities shine through for the photographer to snap up. From embarrassing dad dancing, to the goofy best friend shot, the best photos are the ones that have some personality to them.

This method of photography requires a photographer with a keen eye for natural beauty, and ability to be imaginative within scenarios as they present themselves. If done well this type of photography can produce charming and artistic shots. Most reportage photographers will also include formal shots as well if that is what you require.

wedding photography tips

For more ideas on this style of photography, take a look here


Traditional was the only style acceptable for wedding photography until the release of the digital camera. Film was expensive and so a couple couldn’t afford to gamble on candid shots; instead opting for highly posed, formal photographs which would be guaranteed to capture everyone in their best light.

wedding photography tips

Some tips for creating those classic traditional photographs;

Arrive with style

bridal arrival photo

Traditional photographs are usually taken of the moment the bride and her bridesmaids are getting out of the car, to that much anticipated moment of walking down the aisle so if traditional shots are what you are aiming for then make the most of these precious moments with smile.

Get Toasting

wedding toast photo

The most classic wedding photos mostly involve the couple getting involved in the most traditional wedding cliches such as the wedding breakfast and the wedding toast with the speeches. You can also inject some creativity of your own here from the way you raise your toasts, or even incorporating your theme with these classic snaps too.

Tiers of joy

wedding couple cake cutting

The next in the list of traditional wedding snaps would of course be that iconic shot of the bride and groom cutting the cake and again this is where the traditional can be mixed with the contemporary. Your cake might even be adorning something on the quirkier side so this is a classic shot where your photographer can get playful with the traditional.

Successful traditional wedding photographers are adept at constructing photographs; placing the couple and guests so that the composition of the photograph is balanced and proportioned. While traditional shots are still popular, they rarely capture the emotion of the day and usually involve a lot of intervention from the photographer.


This style of photography is all about creating impact. It takes it’s inspiration from high art and fashion photography. Shots are usually set up by the photographer but are less rigid than the traditional style. The photographer will usually look for a striking background and allow the couple and guests freedom of movement- focusing instead on creating dramatic lighting effects and using creative angles.

wedding photography tips

The contemporary photographer will have a strong artistic style and will not be afraid to take risks when it comes to creating an image. While wedding photographs in this style may be worthy of high-end fashion magazines they don’t really capture the general emotion of the day; though they can often create some stunningly romantic and intimate images of the newlyweds.

Most photographers will be able to accommodate you with a range of styles to suit your individual needs. It is worth looking over some of your potential photographers previous work and discussing your needs with them before the big day, that way you can ascertain whether you would like a single style or a mix of two or three.

Here are a few tips to emulate that editorial style;

Use your venue

woodland wedding

If your venue has an area of trees or even a pretty archway, use this to your advantage! Get cosy and have a smooch under the archway or play out a hide and seek scene among the trees. Photo Credit: Alexa Poppe

Hand in hand

wedding rings bride and groom

A close up picture of you both hand in hand with your new wedding bling makes for the perfect editorial style photo and it's a lovely classic photo to look back on in years to come

Take some pre-wedding photos

Bride wedding photos

Photos with the bride/bridesmaids and the groom/groomsmen sat laughing and joking around can make a great editorial photo also, especially if you are all pictured naturally in conversation.

The Weird and Wonderful

Wacky wedding photos

If your wedding is slightly less than the traditional, then how about considering wedding photo's that really show off the personality of your wedding party? They make for the best ( and funniest) memories to look back on in the years to come.

Here are some quirky photo ideas to give you some inspiration;

Add a twist to the traditional

bridal party photo

The traditional shot of the bride and groom with their respective families is used a lot in every newlywed's photo album but there is a way you can spice it up. Have each family standing in opposite directions inverting their gaze from your kiss in the centre. It's a fun and playful take on the traditional wedding family photo.

Inspiration from Hollywood

Jurassic wedding photo

If you both are into your films then this is the perfect theme for your photo's. If your venue has some woodland, how about you and your guests stage a Harry Potter scene? Or for a play on a Star Wars theme, the bride can be stood by the groom and groomsmen doing a Darth Vader style 'force choke' on them. It doesn't have to just end there, your whole theme can be Hollywood inspired and there are all kinds of different scenarios that can present themselves. The sky is the limit.

Ditching the gender stereotypes

groomsmen wedding photo

Pictures of newly-engaged women showing off their engagement ring to all her cooing friends and of course, the bridesmaids and bouquets pictures. These are the traditional and stereotypical takes on wedding pictures but that need not be the same for your wedding. Have a picture of the groom showing off his wedding ring to a group of excited groomsmen, or maybe a picture of the groom and groomsmen with bridesmaids bouquets. These all send up the most common gender stereotypes while at the same time, allowing you to scrap the wedding photo traditions too. It's fun to put together while making great pics to take pride in.

Double takes

wedding photo

How about you and your new spouse get a bit cheeky with your individual profile pictures? We've all seen those pictures of people putting their middle fingers up with a carefree attitude and you both can do this to. Of course not with your middle fingers, but you can create the same look by holding up your ring fingers. A great one to show off you and your rings, but it'll be amusing to see everyone do a double take when they look at it

If those Hollywood photo ideas have got you inspired for a Hollywood themed weeding, look at how to  Make your wedding Theme a Blockbuster Hit.

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