The Ultimate Fairytale Cinderella Wedding

A Cinderella wedding that will make all your fairytale dreams come true!

Once upon a time, there was a bride who found her perfect fairytale wedding…


When making plans for your special day, aside from worrying about tripping on the train as you walk down the aisle, having a wedding worthy of a fairy tale wouldn’t be half bad!


And what better tale to tell through your wedding than that of Cinderella with a Cinderella wedding theme?


Whether she’s your favourite princess or not, you can be inspired for ideas for your theme or just the little touches of fairy tale magic.


Whatever you do, a happily ever after will be in your sights!


The Colour Scheme


Although Cinders is a princess now, the Cinderella themed wedding must be delicately handled; the colour schemes of varying shades of light blue and white are soft details that enhance the theme all the more.


fairytale wedding


The Dress


When picking the perfect dress, bigger is better as Cinderella would do! Of course comfort is also key, so pick a beautiful dress that not only sparkles and shines, but also makes you feel like a princess wearing it too.


fairytale wedding


Compliment with some pearls or subtle gems and you’re good to go!


The Cake


A castle inspired cake made by a specialist is a great way to pay homage to your theme or if you wish to add a simple feature, then the necessary pieces of Cinderella’s story like the all-important carriage as the cake topper may be all you need!


fairytale wedding




Once you've incorporated these little ideas into your Cinderella themed wedding, you could try an additional 8 tips to really pull your theme together:


Glitter orbs or spray-painted pumpkins around your venue show dedication to your theme.


A themed guest book such as pumpkin or carriage will give your guests a feel for your theme.


fairytale wedding


Themed place cards and table numbers will make your guests feel at home at the ball.


fairytale wedding


A photo booth cut out or frame inspired by Cinderella herself!


fairytale wedding


Flower arrangements or a bouquet with delicate touches of blue and white.


fairytale wedding


Let us help you find the details you'll need to make for an amazing wedding experience here.

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